DANCE to the Future

  • 2009/2010 Season
  • Dance Theatron No. 18
    DANCE to the Future
  • Long-anticipated fusion of NNT Ballet with contemporary dance is nearing reality



Young choreographers from Japan and abroad have set three works for dancers selected primarily from the NNT Ballet.
One is by Dominic Walsh, whose choreography of Orfeo ed Euridice for the NNT Ballet earned rave reviews in 2007. Walsh debuted at the NNTT in 2003 as a dancer in MacMillan's Manon. In 2007, he created a new setting for the NNT Ballet under the auspices of the company's Emerald Project. Audiences were moved by its innovative approach and freshness. It gave the dancers of the NNT Ballet the opportunity to challenge themselves with performance of a thoroughly contemporary work, and their talents blossomed in the effort.
Another work marks the long-anticipated collaboration between ballet and contemporary dancers. This work is choreographed by Iguchi Hiroyuki, who has worked as a dancer under contract with the NNT Ballet since 2001. It will mark Iguchi's debut as a choreographer.