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The Future is On The Way - New Contemporary Dance Project
“Dance to the Future” Opens May 29th at PLAYHOUSE

For many audiences, who often come to see the series of NNTT’s contemporary dance productions with guest choreographer and performers, it would be quite natural to be wondering, “Can’t we see contemporary works, danced by classical ballet dancers from NNTT’s company?” So, why not? Here is our new dance project, collaborated with NNTT dancers, “Dance to the Future”, featuring three contemporary ballet/dance choreographers’ recent works.

In “Snow Lotus” by Iguchi Hiroyuki, a former member of NNTT Ballet Company, the ensemble of nine women danced fluidly to J.S.Bach’s concerto. Reflected all through the ballet are the images of a spirit taking its path to the purification.
“The Last Era of Cinderella” choreographed by Nohmi Kenshi is a piece adopted to the percussive electronic compositions by Patricia Dallio and Takemoto Jin. Nohmi humorously points out the nature of relationship between man and woman could be no longer the same as it used to be… “the Cinderella” today dress up with gorgeous and sexy outfits, emphasizing their feminine beauty, and go out eagerly looking for their loves, leaving “the Prince” clinging to his old memory and to the glass slipper.

Dominic Walsh brought “Wolfgang for Webb” to the company, which is a part of his work “The Trilogy: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”. Having each dancer representing the muse of art, Walsh reveals how the muses inspire, distract, bless and sometimes even frighten the artist. The piece is about the appearance of the art form and its creating process within an artist.
The set design from Houston visual artist, Libbie Masterson suggests the plan with utilizing a vast open space which extended further down to the auditorium, and which able to retain a greater intimacy to the audience. This effective usage of the stage introduces a new dimension to the audience to experience completely new vision. It could be a feast for the eyes!

“Wolfgang for Webb” Photo by Amitava Sarkar

Please check the details of the Dance to the Future programme by clicking here