[OSAN, from "Shinju Ten no Amijima"]/ [Così Fan Tutte]

For the performances of the opera "OSAN, from Shinju Ten no Amijima"and "Così Fan Tutte", artistic director Thomas Novohradsky will discuss the charm of opera with each production stuff members. Opera talk "OSAN" will be attended by the former artistic director Hatanaka Ryosuke, the composer Kubo Mayako, conductor Kanda Keiichi and stage director Aguni Jun. Opera talk "Così Fan Tutte" will be attended by Dan Ettinger(conductor) and Kornelia Repschläger(Production).

Opera Talk [OSAN, from Shinju Ten no Amijima]

Date :Wednesday 2 February, 2005 at 6:30pm
Venue New National Theatre, Tokyo [The Pit]
Ticket Price :¥500 (Non-reserved seat) Now on Sale
Opera Talk [Così Fan Tutte]
Date :Saturday 5 March, 2005 at 6:30pm
Venue :New National Theatre, Tokyo [The Pit]
Ticket Price :¥500 (Non-reserved seat)
Advance Ticket :Available from 10:00am, Sunday 30 January 2005
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