Quai Ouest

  • specially built stage in Playhouse


Written by Bernard-Marie Koltès
Translated by Saeki Ryuko
Directed by, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer : Moïse Touré
Choreographer : Francis Viet
Assistant Choreographer : Jessica N
Lighting Designer : Remy Lamotte
Lighting Coordination : Kuroyanagi Hiroyuki
Sound Coordination : Ueda Yoshio
Visual : François Justin
Visual Coordination : Iguchi Yuichiro
Costumes Coordination : Takehara Noriko
Stage Coordination : Yonekura Yukio
Stage Manager : Yano Shinichi

Supervisor : Uyama Hitoshi


Morris Koch : Seko Takamaru
Monique Koch : Kusaka Yumi
Charles : Kitagawa Hibiki
Fak : Furukawa Ryuta
Claire : Taki Kaori
Abbado : Samuel Nfor
Cecile : Tsuda Masumi
Rodolphe : Kobayashi Katsuya

Seko Takamaru
Kusaka Yumi
Kitagawa Hibiki
Furukawa Ryuta
Taki Kaori

Samuel Nfor
Tsuda Masumi
Kobayashi Katsuya

Kubota Takeshi, Koizumi Maki, Takashima Rei, Futatsugi Sakiko
Ui Haruo, Kadono Tetsuro, Saibara Yasuaki

Auditions and Workshops for graduates of the NNT Drama Studio, and participation in rehearsals

Director Moïse Touré came to Japan in November 2009 to audition actors for the parts of Charles, Fak, and Claire. He also conducted workshops for programme graduates.

In the auditions and workshops, students from the first and second waves of graduates tried out for three parts. An additional seven actors were selected as acteur témoin, or "witness-actors", for the rehearsals. Preliminary rehearsals were held in February, and full rehearsals will be held in March.

The witness-actors will be paired with seven actors into two-person groups (leaving out the part of Abad), and will be present and participate in all aspects of the creative process. As Touré explains, "Their participation in the rehearsals will be both as witness and experient—as what we call 'acteur témoin'".


Produced by
New National Theatre, Tokyo
Compagnie Les Inachevés-espace de travail Théâtral

supported by
L'Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo
Ambassade de France au Japon
Society for the study of Tokyo, B.-M.Koltès at Gakushuin University
Conseil régional Rhône-AlpesDrac Rhônes-Alpes
Bonlieu-Scène nationale d'Annecy et de la Haute-Savoie

François Koltès
Graduate Course in Cultural Studies on Corporeal and Visual Representation at Gakushuin University
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