Sendai Opera Association:

  • Invitational Programme for Performing Arts in the Region
    Sung in Japanese


Under the Invitational Programme for Performing Arts in the Region, the NNTT cosponsors the staging of quality productions from around Japan. For the 7th production since the inaugural production in 2005, the NNTT has invited the Sendai Opera Association. Nari-suna (composer: Okazaki Mitsuharu) was commissioned and performed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the association, which began in 1976. This will be an updated version. The opera tells the tale of a tragic love between a man and woman in a fishing village in Japan's northeastern Tohoku region. At the same time, it makes a statement about environmental conservation through its depiction of a singing-sand beach which has become polluted and gone silent, as a consequence of human ambition and egoism.

The Sendai Opera Association serves to make the region's arts scene a more robust one. Among their popular activities, they perform this opera in the fall each year, and stage the Spring Intermezzo series of performances consisting of original, short adaptations of operas and gala concerts. The Sendai Opera Association also participates in arts festivals in Sendai and performs in smaller cities throughout Miyagi prefecture. Under current Artistic Director Sato Junichi, the Sendai Opera Association recently staged its 35th production of Nari-suna in their hometown of Sendai, at Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi on September 19 and 20, 2010. You can bet they will work hard to ensure their July 2011 production at the NNTT is their best yet. This will also mark the NNTT debut for the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra.

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