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Andrea Chénier
New Production

Umberto Giordano : Andrea Chénier


Music by : Umberto Giordano
Original by : Jules Barbier / Paul Dimoff
Libretto by : Luigi Illica
Conductor : Miguel Gomez-Martinez
Production, Scenery Design and Lighting : Philippe Arlaud
Costume Design : Andrea Uhmann
Choreographer : Ueda Haruka
Stage Manager : Saito Miho
Chorus Master : Misawa Hirofumi
Chorus : New National Theatre Chorus
Orchestra : Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Andrea Chénier : Carl Tanner
Maddalena di Coigny : Georgina Lukács
(* Dekita Michiko on 5 Dec.)
Carlo Gérard : Sergei Leiferkus *
Roucher : Aoto Satoru
Un Incredibile : Ono Mitsuhiko
La Contessa di Coigny : Dekita Michiko
(* Takemoto Setsuko on 5 Dec.)
Bersi : Sakamoto Akemi
Madelon : Takemoto Setsuko
Mathieu : Okubo Makoto
Fléville : Ishizaki Hidekazu
L' Abate : Kamoshita Minoru
Fouquier Tinville : Kobayashi Yoshiki
Dumas : Omori Kazuhide
Il Maestro di Casa/Schmidt : Osawa Ken

*Carlos Alvalez, who originally was to perform the role of Carlo Gérard is unable to perform. Alternatively, Sergei Leiferkus is going to take his place. Please refer to New National Theatre News.

**Georgina Lukács, who is originally to perform the role of Maddalena di Coigny, is unable to perform on Monday 5 Dec. Alternatively, Dekita Michiko is taking her place and the role of La Contessa di Coigny is performed by Takemoto Setsuko. Please refer to New National Theatre News.

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Doors will open 45 minutes before the opening of the performance.
Approximate runnning time : 2hours 15 minutes.

  Available from Sunday 18 September, 2005 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm).
Internet ticket reservation available through the following Websites.(Japanese only)

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*A part of "Seat F" (¥3,150) : Sold at the NNTT Box Office and all Ticket Pia outlets on the performance date only. Up to 2 tickets per person. No phone reservations. *Seat Z(\1,500): Sold to students only at some Ticket Pia outlets on the day before the performance. Any tickets not sold by the performance date will be released to the general public at the NNTT Box Office and some Ticket Pia outlets. One ticket per person. No phone reservations. Students must bring a valid student ID. *Same day student tickets (50% off, except Seat F & Z ): Sold at the NNTT Box Office and some Ticket Pia outlets on the performance date. One ticket per person. No phone reservations. Students must bring a valid student ID.

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A masterpiece created by Philippe Arlaud, a "magician of light"
Eternal love between a poet and the daughter of a count, both of whom died on the block during the French revolution

handbill [Andrea Chénier]

Full of the most beautiful arias and duets. A chance to enjoy a fine work that is rarely performed anywhere in the world!
Andrea Chénier is one of the greatest masterpieces that won Umberto Giordano great fame as an opera composer. This opera dramatically depicts a complicated mixture of the noble love between Andrea Chénier, a poet, and Maddalena di Coigny, the daughter of a count, both of whom lived during the period of the French Revolution and were guillotined, and the conflict between the love for Maddalena of Carlo Gérard, who worked his way up from being a count's servant to a middle-ranking leader of the revolutionary government, and his loyalty to the revolutionary leaders. It is full of highlights: the famous long arias, "Un dí, all' azzurro spazio (One day, in the blue heaven)" by Chénier, who sings the nobility of love, and "Nemico della patria (An enemy of his country)" by Gérard, who mocks himself as he oscillates between his ideals and desire, as well as an impressive duet by Chénier and Maddalena, who vow eternal love before proceeding to the guillotine. Partly because of technical difficulties required of singers, this opera is seldom performed for a masterwork. Please do not miss this opportunity.

Competitive performances by excellent singers, a genuine delight of opera
The director is Philippe Arlaud, who visually highlighted captivatingly fantastic dramas in Les Contes d'Hoffmann in 2003. Leading the profound yet colorful orchestral music will be Miguel Gomez-Martinez, who won high praises for his solid method of creating music in Macbeth in 2004. In addition, Carl Tanner, Georgina Lukács, all reputed for their dynamic singing and acting, will compete with one another singing well-known arias and duets scattered throughout the work.


The setting is the suburbs of Paris in 1789. At a soirée in Count Coigny's house, Maddalena, the daughter of the count, is impressed by a poem written by the poet Chénier, which celebrates the nobility of love and his patriotic sentiments. Meanwhile, Gérard, the count's servant, who is in love with Maddalena, is also moved by Chénier's poem and leaves the count's house in a fit of dissatisfaction with class society. Five years later, Gérard is a high-ranking official with the revolutionary government. Maddalena is now ruined while Chénier, critical of the revolutionary government, is chased by a secret agent. Slipping through police surveillance, the two meet again and confirm their love, but Gérard, who is looking for Maddalena, arrests Chénier, bring him to trial. Maddalena begs Gérard for Chénier's life. Ashamed of his love for Chénier's lover, Gérard swings over to the defense of Chénier, but despite his efforts, the poet is sentenced to death. On behalf of a condemned female convict, Maddalena steals into the prison where Chénier is incarcerated. They are taken to the guillotine while vowing eternal love···
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Miguel Gomez-Martinez Philippe Arlaud
Miguel Gomez-
Philippe Arlaud

Carl Tanner Georgina Lukács
Carl Tanner Georgina Lukács Sergei Leiferkus

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