Iroaseru (Fade)

  • 2011/2012 Season
  • Performed in Japanese

The second installment in our series, "Beauty x Theatre: Finding Beauty in Ruin", is a brand new work. This ambitious play explores the theme of "decline", and represents the first pairing of playwright Kuramochi Yutaka and director Uyama Hitoshi.

Kuramochi leads the theatre company Gekidan PenguinPullPalePiles. He has written and directed works for that company and produced a variety of projects for other theatre companies. This will be his debut as a playwright at the NNTT.

This collaboration between Kuramochi and Uyama Hitoshi, who until last summer was the NNTT's artistic director (Play), is one that audiences will not want to miss. The two met in 2009 while working, respectively, as director and artistic director on the production of Die Frau von früher. This will be their first work together as playwright and director.


In an unnamed, small town.

In this town, the spoken and written words of each resident are characterized by a particular color. Because of this, no matter how they express themselves, they can always be identified by their colors. This has led to a situation in which every person expresses themselves with caution at all times, and no one tells a lie.

One day a cage is built in the town square. In it is confined a man who by all appearances is a virtuous person. In speaking with this man, all conversations become colorless and transparent.

By and by, the townspeople come to see the man and confide in him about matters various and sundry. Many talk about the same things, and since it doesn't seem rational to repeat the same opinions each time, the man decides to start a newspaper.

The newspaper becomes influential and the man becomes a powerful figure. Then suddenly one day, all the people find they have lost their colors.

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