Henry VI, Part 3
The War of the Roses

  • 2009/2010 Season
  • Henry VI, Part 3 The War of the Roses
  • Henry VI is a central project of the third season under artistic director Uyama Hitoshi.



Uyama laid out four guiding principles when he took the reins as Artistic Director. One is "revival of the epics", or in other words, the ambitious reimagining of some of the classics.
This epic trilogy is the only historical drama in the Shakespeare canon. It is based on real events of the famous War of the Roses that took place in 15th century England. The play depicts the aspects of love, hate, and war that are universal to humankind. It focuses on the lives of a variety of people, and calls on the viewer to look for areas of commonality with modern society. A different part of Henry VI will be performed each day, and there are plans to perform all three parts on the same day.

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