Shoot the Crow

  • 2008/2009 Season
  • Series "Our Contemporary" Vol.2 Shoot the Crow


The second work in this "Our Contemporary" series is also making its Japanese premiere. Famous Northern Irish dramatist Owen McCafferty's "Shoot the Crow" will be directed by the president of the ONEOR8 theatre company, Tamura Takahiro. Tamura has not only been active in directing plays for his company, but also directs plays outside of his own company. He longed to direct this McCafferty play because he was drawn to the clever dialog of the work.

This play premiered on 26 February 1997 by the Druid Theatre Company in Galway, western Ireland. Its English premiere was at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester on 12 February 2003. And its performance at London's Trafalgar Studio in October 2005 was widely acclaimed. This is the first ever McCafferty work to be produced in Japan. Tamura, making his debut at NNTT, takes on the challenge of mixing realism with strange humor in this four-man drama.

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