Die Frau von früher

  • 2008/2009 Season
  • Series "Our Contemporary" Vol.1 Die Frau von früher

"Our Contemporary", a collaboration project between young playwrights and veteran directors that began in the 2007/2008 season has expanded its horizon and will now engage in foreign works. Foreign playwrights that attract wide interest are paired with promising Japanese directors. These works were chosen from contemporary Western plays being studied in the Foreign Theatre Research Committee of the NNTT Play department. The study group was founded with the aim of "collecting information on contemporary plays and to encourage interaction between the researchers and those active in the field", as well as "to increase our repertoire for the future". "Die Frau von früher" is the first in this series, and it was written by Roland Schimmelpfennig who has been a freelance playwright since 1996. He is a very versatile writer with experience writing in various styles from opera scripts to radio plays, from romantic and dreamy plays to horror and suspense scripts.

"Die Frau von früher" is a masterwork psychological thriller where a woman who parted ways 24 years ago comes back into a man's life and breaks up his family.

This will be the Japanese premiere for this play and it features promising young director Kuramochi Yutaka who won the 48th Kishida Kunio Play Award and is a writer and director for the PenguinPullPalePils theatre company.


A family of three prepares for a move. They are paid an unexpected visit by the husband Frank's ex-girlfriend, some 24 years after the two parted ways. She has come to remind Frank of a promise he made to love her forever, and is doing this underterred by the fact that he has been married nearly 20 years. From the moment of the ex-girlfriend's arrival, Frank's wife and teenage son experience a growing sense of dread.

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