Don Giovanni

  • 2011/2012 Season
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Don Giovanni
    Opera in 2 Acts
    Sung in Italian with Japanese Supertitles

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No opera lineup would be complete without Mozart. For our next production of a Mozart work, we have selected what some consider his greatest: Don Giovanni. This will be the third opera directed at the NNTT by Grischa Asagaroff, following Cavalleria Rusticana / I Pagliacc and Idomeneo. Asagaroff recognized the commonalities between the character of Don Giovanni and the great 18th century womanizer Giacomo Casanova, and altered the setting of the opera to that of Casanova's native Venice. But the figure of Don Giovanni is faithfully portrayed in a traditional style. In the title role will be Mariusz Kwiecien, who has performed with the Metropolitan Opera and whose Don Giovanni is considered one of the best today. Also appearing will be Aga Mikolaj, who sang Donna Elvira in the 2008 premiere production; rising American star Nicole Cabell; Tsumaya Hidekazu, who has delivered fine performances in a number of roles with the NNTT Opera; and Hirano Yasushi, who is currently based in Vienna. The audience can look forward to a balanced ensemble performance from this outstanding cast, and should not miss this opportunity to see a true masterwork from Mozart's mature period.


Enter the young artistocrat, Don Giovanni, an unprecedented lecher. Up until this time, he has made love to 1003 women in Spain and, including the others throughout Europe and as far away as Turkey, the number reaches over 2000. He has instructed his attendant, Leporello, to stand guard outside while he attempts to sneak into the bedroom of Donna Anna. However, her father, the Commendatore attempts to come to her rescue and Don Giovanni fights with him, thrusting him to death.

Following this, Don Giovanni accidentally wanders into the place where the wedding ceremony of the farmer, Masetto, and a village girl, Zerlina, is being held and immediately attempts to seduce the bride. Masetto becomes angry, but Don Giovanni invites the villagers to a gorgeous banquet, and when the banquet gets going, attempts again to reach his objective. However, just then, Donna Anna, Don Ottavio and Donna Elvira, wearing masks, appear, having come together to expose Don Giovannni, and denounce him. He thus fails in his attempt to seduce Zerlina. Both Don Giovanni and his retainer, Leporello, beat a hasty retreat.

Don Giovanni, who has yet to learn any lessons from his experiences, switches clothes with Leporello and leaves to attempts to seduce one of Donna Elvira's servant girls. Leporello, who is dressed like his master, tempts Donna Elvira with sweet words, but he is caught and severely denounced by Masetto, angered over his evil actions, and the other villagers. Don Giovanni, who has escaped the villagers by disguising himself as Leporello, escapes into a graveyard where the Commendatore begins to talk to Don Giovanni with a terrifying voice. Without flinching, Don Giovanni invites the stone statue to dinner.

While Don Giovanni in enjoying the sumptuous dinner, Donna Elvira appears and begs him to change his ways, but he ignores her. Finally, the stone statue appears and presses him to confess and repent. However, Don Giovanni refuses to listen and is dragged down into Hell and burned in the fire.

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