Der fliegende Holländer

  • 2011/2012 Season
  • Richard Wagner : Der fliegende Holländer
    Opera in 3 Acts
    Sung in German with Japanese Supertitles

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This is an opera by Richard Wagner, the master of German opera and a personal favorite of Artistic Director Otaka Tadaaki. This tour de force from Wagner's early period reflects his intense individuality. It tells the story of a Dutch captain who has been doomed to sail the seas for eternity, and the love of a young woman, Senta, which saves him. It is a tale of redemption through love and self-sacrifice, which would become a recurring theme in Wagner's later works. The NNTT Opera version, which premiered in 2007, features production by Matthias von Stegmann, stage design by Horio Yukio, and costume design by Hibino Kodue. The three made a fine team working together on Get Back the Ring!, the first opera performed as part of the new "Kids Opera" series in 2004. In the NNTT production of Der fliegende Holländer, the action unfolds lucidly and the themes presented in the music are handled in straightforward fashion. The "Sailors' Chorus" is sure to please, and the audience can look forward to a great performance, with Maestro Tomas Netopil conducting a cast of bold Wagnerian singers and a powerful orchestra.


A Dutch ghost ship eternally wanders the seas until its cursed captain can find a woman who will pledge herself to him. Once in every seven years he is permitted to land to search for such a one, and when he does he meets Senta, daughter of Daland, another sea-captain. Senta, feeling this to be a fated encounter, rejects the pleas of her suitor Erik, and pursues Holländer, throwing herself into the waves in order to save him. With this, the spell is broken, the ghost ship sinks with a terrifying sound, and Senta and Holländer are borne into heaven in each other's arms.

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