La Traviata

  • 2010/2011 Season
  • Giuseppe Verdi : La Traviata
    Opera in 3 Acts
    Sung in Italian with Japanese Supertitles

La Traviata is considered by many to be a starting point for savoring the true pleasure of opera.
This production premiered as the opening production of the 2002/2003 season. Luca Ronconi, one of Italy's leading opera directors, has created a beautiful and cerebral production. He has made a reputation for presenting meticulous emotional portraits, and this work shows a consistent fluidity, expressed through the actions of the characters and quality of continuity. For scene changes, the equipment onstage slides to shift from scenes of high society to the isolation of Violetta's bedroom. The way the feelings of the characters shift with the passage of time is masterfully portrayed. This production will mark the NNTT debut for Patrizia Ciofi, known for her strong performances as Violetta, and Wookyung Kim (as Alfredo), an Asian singer who is making his mark on the world stage. Conducting will be Hirokami Jun'ichi, one of the leading conductors of his generation, also in his first appearance at the NNTT. This collection of Japanese and international talent will deliver an exquisite musical experience.


Violetta, a courtesan in Paris, opens her heart to Alfredo, a son of a wealthy man, though she is hesitant to accept his sincere courtship. They begin to enjoy each other's company living together in the suburbs of the city. One day during Alfredo's absence, his father Germont calls on Violetta to ask her to give up his son so that marriage arrangements for his daughter will proceed smoothly. Violetta decides to abandon her love and leaves Alfredo. After her return to Paris, Alfredo appears in front of her and accuses her of her betrayal in the presence of other people. Time passes, but it is too late when all misunderstandings have come to light. Sick in bed, Violetta dies as she is embraced by the love of Alfredo, who asks for her pardon.

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