Get Back the Ring !

  • After the music drama "Der Ring des Nibelungen" by Richard Wagner
    Opera in 1 Act in Japanese language

Since 2004, the New National Theatre, Tokyo has put on a programme called Kids Opera, aimed primarily at elementary school students. The original music and texts are reworked to make them more accessible for children. The children, with their boundless curiosity and sensitivity, get to experience the magnificence of this stage art that is a fusion of music and drama. The NNTT has heard from many parents telling us how happy they were that their children had the chance to enjoy such a great summer experience.


The Valkyries, informed by the sound of a siren that Fafner is in battle, rush to the site of fighting. Brünnhilde faces Fafner with Nothung, her father Wotan's sword, but the sword is broken. Wotan then appears and drives away Fafner. Infuriated at the sight of the sword that has been broken into two pieces, however, he sentences Brünnhilde to a long sleep as punishment. Nothung is a sacred sword that shows its power only in the hands of a dauntless hero. Siegfried, who is traveling aimlessly, is shown a picture of sleeping Brünnhilde by Waldvogel and soon falls in love with her. He makes up his mind to wake her up. And together with a small bird, he heads for the Rhine to obtain the mysterious ring that is possessed by the Rhinemaidens with the aim of dedicating it to Brünnhilde. The ring has been stolen by Fafner, however. Wotan appears in front of the disheartened Siegfried. The ruler of the gods regrets that he has inflicted too harsh a penalty on his daughter. The bird introduces the two to each other. Wotan recognizes immediately that Siegfried is no ordinary young man, and handing the fragments of his sword to Siegfried, he secretly expects something...

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