Introducing the New National Theatre Chorus

The "chorus" plays an essential role in all Opera performances.
The New National Theatre Chorus was formed in 1998 to coincide with the theatre and consists of more than 100 members.
They appeared in number of various opera productions and have polished vocal ability and performing skills under the direction of the Chorus Master MISAWA Hirofumi.
Expanding its activity nationwide, the Chorus also appears in music festivals and concerts outside the NNTT including Bethoven's Symphony No. 9 conducted by Sir Simon Rattle (2016), and peys school visits every year as part of the Educational Programme presented by Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Here are the coming performances of the New National Theatre.

OPERA: "Otello" (presented by NNTT)
 Date: 9th - 22th April
 Venue: New National Theatre Tokyo, Opera House

OPERA: "Le Nozze di Figaro" (presented by NNTT)
 Date: 20th-29th April
 Venue: New National Theatre Tokyo, Opera House

CONCERT: Vienna Academy Orchestra "Symphonies by Beethoven" (presented by the Musashino Cultural Foundation)
 Date: 20th-23th April
 Venue: Musashino Civic Cultural Hall

OPERA: "The Abduction from the Seraglio" (presented by the Japan Mozart Society)
 Date: 20th May
 Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Recital Hall