BALLET ASTERAS 2017 ~ Inviting Japanese Dancers from Overseas ~ Open Call for Dancers (application deadline: 14 Apr. 2017)

Ballet Asteras has been annually staged since 2009 with our hope to support Japanese ballet dancers performing abroad. It has grown over the years and is now a festive and fruitful gala performance of a special kind. The NNT Ballet School is looking for young Japanese dancers based overseas to perform in Ballet Asteras 2017, the 8th production of the project.

Name of Production

Programme for Nurturing Upcoming Artists of the Next Generation (2017) commissioned by the Agency of Cultural Affairs

Ballet Asteras 2017 ~Inviting Japanese Dancers from Overseas~

Date of Performance

Saturday 22 July 2017, 15:00 at Opera Palace, New National Theatre, Tokyo
* Performers will be called for rehearsals from approx. 3 days prior to the performance.

Performance Detail

A gala performance mainly featuring classical works (with an orchestra)

Conductor: David Garforth

Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Entry Requirements

Applicant must be a young professional Japanese dancer performing in a foreign ballet company

* You must be a professional dancer performing overseas holding Japanese nationality or permanent residency status in Japan.

* Please inform us when applying if you have a plan to perform in another gala performance(s), etc. before or after the abovementioned date of performance.

Entry Pieces

Please select 3 entry pieces mainly from classical works, out of which 1 piece will be assigned after screening.

* Each piece should be approximately 10 minutes in length (7 minutes in case of contemporary work).

* Please make sure to obtain any and all performing rights required if necessary.

* Please find your own partner if necessary (your partner can be of any nationality).

How to Apply

Please prepare the following materials and send them to the Submitting Address via email or by post.

1) The Application Form

You can download the form from our website.

Please attach your photo which will be used for publicity purposes in case you are chosen.

*The photo must been taken within the last 2 months.

CLICK (PDF file for sending by post)

CLICK (PowerPoint file for email submission)

2) Programme(s) or flyer(s) of past production(s) you have performed in (photocopy accepted)

3) A recommendation from your company or a reference letter from a practitioner in the field of ballet

4) Stage photo(s)

Please specify the name of production and photographer. The photo(s) will be used for publicity purposes in case you are cast.

5) A video footage of a piece you have performed

The video must feature yourself performing. Please specify the name of piece and the date of filming.

Private video shot with a video camera, smart phone, etc. is accepted. Studio shot video is also accepted.

* The video must have been filmed within past 2 years.

* If you choose a classical work, it is preferred to be one of your entry pieces.

* If you choose a contemporary work, it must be one of your entry pieces.

6) A document certifying that you hold Japanese nationality or permanent residency status in Japan.

Submitting Address

Ballet Asteras, NNT Ballet School, 1-1-1 Hon-machi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071

Closing Date

Application must arrive by Friday 14 April 2017

Performance Fee

A performance fee will be paid to the successful applicant and his/her partner (based on Ballet Asteras standard fee)

* The applicant must be responsible for any and all necessary expenses related to transportation, accommodation, costume, royalty for use of music and/or choreography, etc.

* The production is planned to be a Programme for Nurturing Upcoming Artists of the Next Generation (2017) commissioned by the Agency of Cultural Affairs (application under process)

For further information, please contact


Phone: 03-5351-3011 (switchboard)


photo: Ballet Asteras 2016 (photographed by SETO Hidemi)