Opera "Madama Butterfly" for High School Students (10-15 July 2017)

Once a year, we offer the Educational Programme for High School Students especially to give young people the opportunity to experience world-class opera productions. In this programme, almost 10,000 students watch an opera for the first time in their lives every year.

Performances are presented as a full-length opera with live orchestral music just as same as all the other performances at the New National Theatre Tokyo.
Tickets are available at the price of 2,160 yen for high school students.

This year, we will present the opera "Madama Butterfly" which has been most frequently performed as part of the Educational Programme.
Composed by Giacomo PUCCINI, "Madama Butterfly" set in Meiji-era Nagasaki tells the sad story of Lieutenant Pinkerton and his marriage of convenience to Madama Butterfly. Musical highlights include Pinkerton's Dovunque al Mondo lo Yankee Vagabondo, Pinkerton and Madama Butterfly's love duet Viene la Sera in Act 1, Madama Butterfly's Un Bel Dì Vedremo in Act 2 and the parting aria Madama Butterfly sings to her son in the climatic ending scene Tu, Tu Piccolo Iddio.

Group bookings are now open.
Don't miss this chance to introduce your students to the authentic "Madama Bufferfly" created and performed by the leading Japanese creative team and singers.
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Photographer: TERASHI Masahiko
Educational Programme for High School Students