Opera "Yuzuru (Twilight Crane)" opens on the 1st of July

Every Season, the New National Theatre Tokyo stages an opera by a Japanese composer.

The 2015/2016 season sees "Yuzuru (Twilight Crane)", an immortal opera work by DAN Ikuma that has been performed over 800 times in Japan and overseas since its first staging in 1952.

The conductor is OTOMO Naoto, and the cast represents the most accomplished of Japan's vocalists.

The production by KURIYAMA Tamiya uses a big, simple stage space, with the sets reminiscent of a Noh stage, and the backdrop reminiscent of Tsu's true dwelling place, "the Sky", occupied by the single cottage where Yohyo lives.

"Yuzuru(Twilight Crane)" is also performed as Educational Programme for High School Students from the 9th to 15th July and this will provide young audience their first experience to see an opera production.
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Photographer: SAEGUSA Chikashi
Educational Programme for High School Students