Triple Bill by Kondo Ryohei

  • 2009/2010 Season
  • Dance Planet No. 32
    Triple Bill by Kondo Ryohei
  • Kondo Ryohei makes his choreographical debut at the NNTT



This magnetic work is choreographed by Kondo Ryohei, who has performed at the NNTT on several occasions as a dancer. Kondo leads the highly entertaining Condors dance company. In contrast to his work with the Condors, this production will focus on Kondo's talents as a choreographer. Kondo has also become active in the genres of drama and music.
Scheduled for performance are three works, which will variously showcase Kondo's gifts as both a choreographer and a dancer. Kondo and company have brought their formidable skills to bear in creating productions that are sure to have broad appeal with audiences.

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