Noism09 by Kanamori Jo

  • 2008/2009 Season
  • Dance Planet No.30
    produced by NEW NATIONAL THEATRE,TOKYO and Niigata-City Performing Arts Center
    Noism09 by Kanamori Jo


Ryutopia Niigata-City Performing Arts Center and New National Theatre, Tokyo, will present a joint production of "ZONE", a new work by Kanamori Jo, the Artistic Director of the Dance division.
Noism, Ryutopiafs resident dance company, has performed new stage performances from Niigata throughout Japan and abroad, receiving critical acclaim. Through this first joint production, the two theaters hope to deepen their mutual understanding, devise new ways to cooperate, bring greater attention to this stage piece both within Japan and overseas, and open up new possibilities for the future.

Kagero, Inazuma, Mizu no Tsuki literally refers to the shimmer of hot air, a flash of lightening, and the reflection of the moon in the water -all ephemeral images that elude onefs grasp. This piece looks for that brief moment within something as faint as the swaying of a string, and creates a spear of strength and expertise to rigidify that swaying. It is in that domain.
We are seeking enormous energy and that important element that must be maintained, received, and passed on; we believe in the expert expression and expert domain of space, body, spirit, and stage.
Kanamori Jo

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