• 2008/2009 Season
  • Dance Planet No.29
    Triple Bill by MORIYAMA KAIJI



New interpretations of previously performed works at NNTT "Yoroboshi" and "OKINA" will be staged, as well as a new solo work to make this a triple bill performance. Moriyama Kaiji's historical and new works will be presented with completely different musical styles, here at NNTT.

"Okina" is considered to be the oldest piece of Noh play. It is a dance ritual for bountiful harvest, and this has become a Shinto prayer dance in modern times. After the first staging, this was described as a "groundbreaking work by Moriyama Kaiji" by critics.

Inspired by a nihonga (Japanese-style painting) of the same title by Shimomura Kanzan, this contemporary dance interpretation is co-choreographed with Kagaya Kaori. Kasamatsu Yasuhiro writes the music for this new interpretation and Kinowaki Dogen will play the flute.

"Kuruisourou" *A new solo piece
In Noh theatre, to "kuruu" is to become supernatural or to dance and sing under such intensity that the limits of the performers' skills are on display. Therefore, the title "Kuruisourou" literally means that the performer is stating to the audience "I shall dance for you" and to show them his skills. Percussions are the very essence of dance, and accordingly YAS-KAZ has been invited to compose and play the music. What will be the ultimate dance of Moriyama Kaiji, with the primordial sounds of the four Senegalese drummers beating on their drums. He will challenge the notion of dance pieces by gorgeously and captivatingly dancing as if this were a festival.

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