Roland Petit's La Chauve-souris

  • 2011/2012 Season

This repertoire work has been performed numerous times by the National Ballet of Japan, and is one that even men or just people who don't normally go to the ballet can enjoy. From start to finish, this stylish ballet features choreography characterized by a humor and charm that is uniquely Petit. As such, La Chauve-souris demands solid acting and a coquettishness and sense of humor of the dancers. The ballet also highlights the dancers' individual charms in a way not normally seen in works of the classical repertoire.

La Chauve-souris combines refined humor, urbane sensibility, and a touch of sadness at the end. We invite you to experience the sophistication of a Roland Petit ballet at the NNTT.
(The NNT Opera is scheduled to perform Die Fledermaus in December 2011.)


Every night, Johann puts on a bat's wings and flies off. Bella, troubled by her husband's pleasure-seeking at night, consults with her friend Ulrich and starts a strategy of disguising herself as a mysterious beauty to seduce her husband. One night, Johann is captivated by her at a cafe and chases her without knowing that she is his own wife.He is soon involved a fracas and arrested. What will happen to the married couple's love?

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