The Nutcracker

  • 2011/2012 Season

Our former Artistic Director Maki Asami drew on her unique abilities and intimate familiarity with the National Ballet of Japan in developing the choreography for this heartwarming ballet. It met with great critical success and has even been released on DVD.

With an opening scene that brings to mind modern-day Tokyo and a jaw-dropping appearance by Santa Claus, the ballet features a storyline that even small children can relate to. And because Maki Asami's choreography demands such a high level of technique from the performers, it is a work of real substance that delights hard-core ballet fans as well.

The production exhibits the sophisticated use of color and gorgeous visual style that is characteristic of Maki's ballets. This, together with the superb, refined technique displayed by the dancers of the National Ballet of Japan, combine to create a fantastic world that is the stuff of dreams.

The Nutcracker is something of an all-star revue. Many of the dancers could be principals in their own right, making this a work which highlights the depth of the roster of the National Ballet of Japan. Don't miss this first revival of this ballet, and enjoy the enriching experience to be found in the arts.


It is Christmas Eve and the young girl Clara is alone in her room, playing with her toys. Outside her window is a festive scene of people with presents, boys skating and others hurrying home. Almost as if called by something, Clara leaves her room and finds a mysterious old man waiting for her.
It is this mysterious figure, Drosselmeyer, who leads Clara on her wonderful journey.
The story begins at the Stahlbaum family home where a Christmas party is under way. Drosselmeyer then presents Clara with a nutcracker doll.
Late in the evening the party comes to an end and it is time for the guests to go home. Returning to the empty hall, Clara finds a large number of mice! The surprised Clara watches as the mice, led by the Mouse King, start to battle the tin soldiers. The Nutcracker joins in the battle to help the tin soldiers but they are unable to stop the momentum of the mice. Finally it comes down to a single battle between the Mouse King and the Nutcracker! Clara helps the Nutcracker by throwing her slipper at the Mouse King. After winning the battle the Nutcracker turns into a handsome prince and leads Clara off to the Land of Snow.

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