Bintley's Choice -
Concerto Barocco / Take Five / In the Upper Room

  • 2010/2011 Season
  • Mixed Programme - Bintley's Choice
    Balanchine Concerto Barocco
    Bintley Take Five
    Tharp In the Upper Room



'Bintley's Choice' is a collection of three works to be performed for the first time at the NNTT. The program kicks off with Balanchine's famous Concerto Barocco. This 1941 ballet was choreographed to Bach's Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins. Next is Take Five (1978), masterfully set by David Bintley to the swinging sounds of a jazz quartet. Last is Twyla Tharp's In the Upper Room (1986), a work of dazzling pace and power that draws standing ovations all over the world.
With their kaleidoscopic sensation of speed, these Bintley selections will keep audiences riveted.

One of the aspects of programming for the Company I am most looking forwards to is our annual evenings in the Playhouse. This delightful theatre has a wonderful big stage and a full sized orchestra pit but retains a greater intimacy than the Opera Palace and greatly suits the slightly smaller works that form the second mixed bill of our season. Balanchine's 'Concert Barrocco', neo-classical choreographic perfection leads to the jazz inflection of my tribute to Dave Brubeck, 'Take Five', and to finish Twyla Tharp's masterpiece 'In the Upper Room', a dance piece that never fails to end the evening with a roar of approval from the audience.
- David Bintley

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