Swan Lake

Witness the essence of the NNT Ballet in this stylish NNTT version

This standard of the classical repertoire is a must-see for any ballet fan. The NNT Ballet first performed Swan Lake in May 1998. The Sergeyev version (from the Mariinsky Ballet) was staged for that first production and each subsequent run. Then in 2006, an exciting new production debuted at the NNTT with updated stage and costume design, and new choreography by Maki Asami. The NNT Ballet repertoire includes a number of modern works based on the classical canon; this version of Swan Lake is a stunningly beautiful, dreamlike work that brings out the striking qualities of the company in their full potential.
Widely acclaimed upon its debut, this will be a repeat run of the NNTT version of Swan Lake.


One night, Prince Siegfried meets Princess Odette by the lake and falls in love with her. Turned into a swan by the evil Rothbart, the princess is restored to human form only at night. The prince makes up his mind to rescue her and swears eternal love for her. However at the ball, he begs to marry Odile, daughter of the magician, who is identical to Odette. He asks Odette's forgiveness and fights against his fate, and finally the love of the two breaks the spell.

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