Patronage and support from private sector

The financial support from private sectors is indispensable for NNTT to fulfil its expected role as stated in the previous chapter. In order to obtain financial support from private sectors, the "Support Section (Chairman, Ozaki Motoki)," has been established. The members are either Directors or Councillors of NNTT and at the same time leading financiers. This group confers as regards the content of fundraising activities. The supporting membership system is in place to solicit donations from a wide range of corporate and individual supporters.

With respect to sponsorship through corporate advertising, year-long corporate supporting members will be recruited under the Special Corporate Support Group program. In addition, other corporate members will be recruited from time to time individually for each programme.

Despite the current harsh economic environment, the Foundation will promote fund-raising activities among Japanese and foreign corporations to achieve these goals and will also execute other activities aimed at obtaining a better understanding of NNTT and its activities. The current supporting members (corporations and individuals) and corporations agreed to provide sponsorship, as of November 2014, are as follows.

Supporting Member

617 members (June 2014)

  • Corporate Member : 190 members
  • Individual Member : 427 members

Special Corporate Support Group (in alphabetical order)

2013 / 2014 season

  • Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.