Stage Set & Design Centre

The aim to have this facility includes concerving and maintaining the sets and props used in performances at the New National Theatre, Tokyo and supporting the development of a repertory theatre system. It also concerves and displays theatre properties of high artistic value and other materials related to the performing arts, from both Japan and abroad.

Stage Set & Design Centre
Entrance Hall



  • Conservation and exhibition of materials concerning the performing arts. (Lobby, display hall, office, audtitorium, concervation areas)
  • Steel reinforced concrete, 3 stories
  • 2,030m2

Storehouses A, B

  • Fully automated system stores sets and props for repertory productions.
  • Steel reinforced concrete, each story 1,000m2 for a total of 2,000m2

Art workshop

  • Handles small repairs and improvements on sets and props for repertory productions.
  • Steel reinforced concrete, 3 stories
  • 1,470m2

Information for guests

Opening hours 10:00am-4:30pm (Until 4:00pm for entry) Closed for Mondays
Admission charge ¥200 (Discount for groups available)
Free of charge for children
Contact TEL:+81-479-30-1048
1-1044, Toyosatodai, Choshi-shi, Chiba Prefecture


  • 15-minute walk from Shimofusa Toyosato Station on the JR Narita Line.
  • 30-minute drive after the Higashi Kanto Highway at the Sawara Katori Interchange.