The Playhouse can be configured in proscenium style and open-apron style, and even the seating can be changed, giving the audience the impression of a new theatre at each production. In the proscenium style configuration, a sliding stage permits swift scene changes. The riser at the front of the stage can also serve as the orchestra pit.


The main stage has four bridges and three galleries. Theare are three sliding ladders each leading up and down from the galleries. To accommodate the extra thrust of the stage in its open configuration, two bridges, four side bridges, and one lighting batten are located above the stage, just in front of the seating, to provide full lighting for the front of the stage.


To support the open format, a dedicated flying speaker batten and circuits are installed above the front of the stage. The fully digital sound table developed for the Playhouse is located at the centre back of the first floor seating, so that the operator can adjust the sound based on the actual sound reaching the audience. The acoustical image system includes the wall speakers and ceiling speakers in the seating area as well as the speakers in the main stage for greater freedom in creating an acoustic space.



Proscenium style
Total 1,038 seats
Ground floor 851 seats (including 8 wheelchair seats)
Balcony 187 seats
Open-apron style
Total 1,010 seats
Ground floor 761 seats (including 8 wheelchair seats)
Balcony 249 seats
Seat size Width 52.5cm Depth 95cm
Reverberation time 1.0 to 1.3 seconds (when fully occupied)

Stage Facilities

Four Stages
Proscenium opening Width 16.8m Height 9m
Main stage
Elevator stages 14.58m * 3.64m * 2 sets 14.58m * 7.27m * 1 set
Elevating level range +4.5m to -15.7m
Heights 21.3m from the Stage Floor level to the Grid
-15.7m from the Stage Floor level to the Understage Floor level
Wing: Stage left
Sliding stage 14.58m * 14.58m
Rear Stage
Sliding stage 14.58m * 14.58m
Revolving stage 12.74m (diameter)
Convertible Elevating level range +0.5m to -4.5m