The Pit

The Pit

The open plan adopted in the Pit features a movable floor that can be used for both stage and seating. Raising or lowering that floor creates precisely the right performance space to suit a particular staging plan. The space can be configured into an end stage, and the seating adjusted from 340 to 468 seats. There are two balconies, the lower of which can either be an independent seating area or the highest level in graduated seating. The upper balcony can serve as a performance space, accommodate the technicians' lighting and sound equipment.


The 13 light battens at nearly equal intervals across the ceiling can provide the desired lighting, no matter how the stage is configured. The operation consloes on the flying floor equipment include four 1kW xenon follow spots, two 2.5kW HMIs, and a DMX512 digital circuit to control the latest lighting equipment.


The movable sound table, peripherals, and flying speakers provide the flexibility needed for freestyle stage and seating configurations. The main sound circuits are in the operation consoles on the flying floor, buth they can be swithched between the audience balcony and the stage level. For video, seven movable monitors and five cameras provide flexible support for changes in the stage configuration.



End stage 358, 394, 458 seats
(Seating availability depends upon stage depth (5.4m - 9m))
Thrust stage 416 seats
Centre stage 420 seats
Arena stage 468 seats
Seat size Width 50cm Depth 91cm
Reverberation time 0.8 to 1.0 seconds

Stage Facilities

Flat area 27.6m * 16.6m, 10m(height)
Flexible area 25.5m * 12.7m
Sub-stage 9.9m * 3.3m (including a stage lift for stage loading)