Infomation Centre

The NNTT Information Centre assembles and preserves a wide range of materials and information relevant to and contemporary performing arts, and make these available to the general public.

In the reading room on the 5th floor of the NNTT complex, guests can peruse our collection of books on the performing arts, musical scores, production programmes, scripts from past productions and other materials. Also on this floor, guests can access our video library of live NNTT performance videos and other content in our video booths or in the video theatre.

The Information Centre also hosts seminars, talks, screenings and other events at the NNTT. We exhibit photos from live performances, stage costumes (replicas) and other materials in the gallery on the 3rd floor. we also hold exhibitions in the foyers of theatres where productions are currently running.

In addition, the Infomation Centre produces a wide offering of other content related to the theatre and our productions, making it available both in printed form and on the NNTT website.

Opening hours 10:00am-6:00pm
(Until 5:30pm for entry)
Closing days

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Contact number +81-3-5351-3011

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Reading Room

The reading room has a collection of various books, magazines and other publications available to the public related to contemporary performing arts.

Video Booths

Possible to search or view information on performances or recordings of performances using one of the eight booths equipped with multi-media IOD system terminals.

Video Theatre

Equipped with 27 seats (also possible to add supplementary seating) and a large 65-inch screen, making it possible to hold group viewings of video recordings of performances.

Meeting Point (1st floor)