New National Theatre, Tokyo (NNTT), was constructed in February 1997, is a theatre for the performing arts, such as opera, ballet, contemporary dance and drama.

There are three theatres, "Opera House"(Opera Palace), "Play House" and "The Pit", suitable for the kind of public performance staged to each. Many audiences appreciating the various productions are made and staged in the theatres having the highest quality equipment and the wide backstage.

Besides the public performances, various enterprises are undertaken, such as the training programmes for young artists, theatre rental for other performing arts groups, exhibition, public presentation of the video library and books, the public performances for a children and students, the back stage tours and the international exchange for performing arts, etc. Moreover, in The Stage Set & Design Centre (Choshi city, Chiba pref.), stage sceneries and costumes are stored and exhibited.

Management of NNTT including the enterprises in above is commissioned to New National Theatre Foundation (NNTF) from the independent administrative institution The Japan Arts Council. NNTT is managed by the funds placed in trust (including government grants), the admission revenues and the donations from many support company and supporting member, etc.