Ballet & Dance

Pinocchio Kirin Brewery Co.,Ltd.
Contemporary Dance: Dance Planet No.7

Choreographed and staged by : Shinji Nakamura
Artistic Director : Asami Maki
Production Director : Yoko Miki
Libretto by : Asako Minamitani
Scenery : Fukuro Ishikawa
Costume Designer : Takayuki Suzuki
Lighting Designer : Shinya Isono
Sound Designer : Yasuo Kawata
Stage Manager : Yumiko Moriwaki
Presented by : New National Theatre, Tokyo
Sponsored by : Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

Mako Kawano
Sachi Araki
Tomo Iwashiro
Eiji Kobayashi
Masako Fujita
Tokihiko Sakamoto
Naoko Ishikawa
Yuuko Kanzaki
Yuu Shizawa
Mari Honda
Miki Wakamatsu
Tomoji Ishizuka
Hiroyuki Kurihara
Junko Sekiguchi

September, 2000 Friday 22 Saturday 23 Sunday 24
3:00pm     X
7:00pm X X  
The theatre opens 45 minutes before the curtain rises.

Available from Wednesday 26 July, 2000 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm)

Seat A: ¥5,250
Seat B: ¥3,150

Seat Z(¥1,500) is sold only on the performance day at the Box Office and a part of Ticket Pia Offices.

When the journey of a soul ends, the soul transmigrates and is reunited with this world, and then a fantastic story begins.
Geppetto, who has had his wish realized because of the purity of his mind, is reborn as a doctor for a medical institution and meets a mysterious patient; a reincarnation of Pinocchio. Although the patient is a moral being, he always looks up at the stars in the sky, which puzzles the doctor. Agonized between those who manage and those who are managed, the doctor starts to think about what true human nature is and finds there are various fetters that surround him. When he shaves wood again after experiencing the birth of life, truth, restraints, and sufferings, the closing part of the story turns into a ballad for all the people living today. In his new work "Pinocchio", Shinji Nakamura asks questions whether Pinocchio was happy when he was born as a human child and what true human nature is.