Ballet & Dance

New Production / Ballet in 3 Acts

Artistic Director / Revised Choreography : Asami Maki
Music : Leon Minkus
Choreography : Marius Petipa
Repetiteur : Boris Akimov
Lighting : Mutsumi Isono
Arranged & Conducted by : John Lanchbery
Orchestra : Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Stage Manager : Hajime Morioka
Presented by : New National Theatre, Tokyo
Co-production with : Akiko Tachibana Memorial Foundation

Nikiya Anna Antonicheva Hana Sakai Mariko Miyauchi Anna Antonicheva Misae Shiga Anna Antonicheva
Solor Carlos Acosta Tomohiko Henmi Naoya Kojima Carlos Acosta Kentaro Morita Carlos Acosta
Gamzatti Yuko Tanaka Kumiko Ochi Yuko Nishiyama Yuko Tanaka Yu Takayama Yuko Tanaka
The High Brahmin Guennadi Iline Takayuki Sato Takayuki Sato Guennadi Iline Ryo Masaki Guennadi Iline
Bronze Idle Naoya Kojima Masanobu Negishi Masanobu Negishi Naoya Kojima Masanobu Negishi Naoya Kojima

Mutsuko Endo Yuki Omori Ari Takahashi
Mika Nakamura Takako Nishikawa Nina Maeda
Mamiko Yukawa Toru Ichikawa Shinya Okuda
Nobuo Nagase Ryuji Yamamoto  

The role of Nikiya on the 17th, 21th and 23th of November will be performed by Anna Antonicheva(Bolshoi Theatre Ballet), due to the physical condition of Nadezhda Grachova.

November 2000 Friday 17 Saturday 18 Sunday 19 Tuesday 21 Wednesday 22 Thursday 23
2:00pm     X     X
3:00pm   X        
6:30pm X     X X  
The theatre opens 60 minutes before the curtain rises.

Available from Friday 15 September, 2000 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm)

Type Seat S Seat A Seat B Seat C
Price ¥10,500 ¥8,400 ¥6,300 ¥3,150
Seat Z(¥1,500) is sold only on the performance day at the Box Office and a part of Ticket Pia Offices.

LA_BAYADEREBayadere Nikiya's love
La Bayadere is a masterpiece of ballet music that depicts a passionate yet pathetic love between a bayadere (female dancer) and a warrior in the setting of ancient India.
Called La Bayadere in French, this title refers to a female dancer who serves at an Indian temple.

Nikiya, a bayadere, falls in love with Solor, a young troop commander who serves a Rajah (king). However, Gamzatti, daughter of the Rajah for whom Solor works, wants to marry him and the Rajah tries to have her wish realized. An officer in the royal army, Solor cannot go against the Rajah's wish and consents to marry Gamzetti. On the day of the betrothal ceremony, Nikiya dances a congratulatory dance in the lowest of spirits. She is then lured into a trap and bitten by a poisonous snake and dies. In total despair, Solor has hallucinations in which he meets Nikiya again and spends a happy time with her. When he comes out of these dreams, however, with a loud roaring sound the temple collapses due to the anger of the gods. And the lovers rise to heaven through a ray of light.

Because of its grand scale, this masterpiece, full of overwhelming exoticism and poetic sentiment, has not been given many performance opportunities worldwide. In February of this year, the NNTT presented only the Kingdom of Shades act, famous for its fantastic scenes. It was well received by the audience, and in the forthcoming performance, the NNTT will present all of the acts for those eager to see the complete work. In addition to Anna Antonicheva from the Bolshoy Ballet Company and Carlos Acosta from the British Royal Ballet Company, both of whom will be invited as guest dancers, soloists of marked individuality will dance various fascinating dances. You will also enjoy the new elaborate stage setting and costume produced by the British designer A. Livingston and the beautiful melodies conducted by John Lanchbery, who is also responsible for the arrangement of music for this work.