Ballet & Dance

Opera in 2 Acts (Sung in German with Japanese Supertitles )

Libretto by :Emanuel Schikaneder
Music by :Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Artistic Director :Kiyoshi Igarashi
Conductor :Daisuke Muranaka
Stage Director :Michael Hampe
Set.Projection and Costume Designer :Henning von Gierke
Lighting Designer :Tatsuo Takazawa
Stage Manager :Masahiko Onita
Assistant Stage Directors :Matthias von Stagmann / Toko Onodera
Chorus Master :Hirofumi Misawa
Assistant Conductors :Masahiro Joya / Jun Fujimoto / Sadaaki Yazawa
Chorus :New National Theatre Chorus / Fujiwara Opera Chorus Group
Orchestra :Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Presented by :New National Theatre, Tokyo

October, 2000

Tuesday 10

Thursday 12 Saturday 14 Sunday 15 Monday 16
Sarastro Hidekazu Tsumaya X X   X  
Kang-Liang Peng     X   X
Tamino Mineo Nagata X   X   X
Jiro Takano   X   X  
Sprecher Michio Tatara X   X   X
Shigeki Tani   X   X  
Eingeweihter Nobuaki Yoshida X   X   X
Shuichi Makikawa   X   X  
Konigin der Nacht Yan-Guang Cui X X   X  
Reiko Fukuda     X   X
Pamina Emi Sawahata X   X   X
Mina Kikuchi   X   X  
Erste Dame Tomoko Shimazaki X   X   X
Michiko Yamaguchi   X   X  
Zweite Dame Satomi Ikehata X   X   X
Keiko Mizuguchi   X   X  
Dritte Dame Tomoko Kuribayashi X   X   X
Misato Iwamori   X   X  
Erster Knabe Ai Toyama X   X   X
Naoko Tamae   X   X  
Zweiter Knabe Toshie Kaneko X   X   X
Tomoko Hiratsuka   X   X  
Dritter Knabe Aki Fujii X   X   X
Tomoko Yamazaki   X   X  
Papagena Nobuko Takahashi X   X   X
Satsuki Adachi   X   X  
Papageno Satoru Aoto X   X   X
Shigeru Imao   X   X  
Monostatos Kazuhiko Ichikawa X   X   X
Ikuo Oho   X   X  
Erster Geharnischter Satoshi Chubachi X   X   X
Tetsuya Arime   X   X  
Zweiter Geharnischter Ken Osawa X   X   X
Yoshiyuki Shikano   X   X  

September, 2000 Tuesday 10 Thursday 12 Saturday 14 Sunday 15 Monday 16
2:00pm   X      
3:00pm     X X  
6:30pm X       X
Doors will open 60 minutes before the opening of the performance.
All seats for Thursday 12 October have been reserved for a group of students.
Talented music scholars and critics will present small lectures on this opera. They take place 45 minutes before the curtain time.

Type Seat S Seat A Seat B Seat C Seat D Seat E
Price ¥18,900 ¥15,750 ¥12,600 ¥9,450 ¥6,300 ¥3,150
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm)
Seat Z(¥1,500) is sold only on the performance day at the Box Office and a part of Ticket Pia Offices.

DIE ZAUBERFLOTEThe masterpiece that adorns the last days of Wolfgang A. Mozart will be presented again with a new cast of singers.
 The plot of Die Zauberflote unfolds in a world of fairy tales in which time and place are unknown. Its simple and beautiful story as well as the purity of its music symbolizes the inexhaustible genius of Mozart. This work has occupied an indisputable place in the operatic repertory since it was first presented in Vienna in 1791. NNTT further refines its well-received May 1998 production of Die Zauberflote and takes a new approach to the masterpiece by bringing powerful young singers together.
 Prince Tamino, who hears that Pamina, daughter of the Queen of Night, has been kidnapped by the wicked Sarastro, goes to Sarastro's palace, accompanied by Papageno, a bird catcher, with the aim of rescuing her. Tamino is told by Sarastro, who is actually a virtuous high-ranking priest, that in order to save Pamina from captivity, he has to overcome various trials imposed upon him. He valiantly faces the tests and successfully surmounts them. The vicious world dominated by the Queen of Night is completely destroyed.