Ballet & Dance

L'Illusion Comique

2008/2009 SEASON PLAY

L'Illusion Comique


Written by : Pierre Corneille
Translated by : Ito Hiroshi
Directed by : Uyama Hitoshi
Set Designer : Shima Jiro
Lighting Designer : Katsushiba jiro
Sound Designer : Ueda Kosei
Costume Designer : Ota Masakimi
Hairstyling and Make-up : Sato Yuko
Action : Atsumi Hiroshi
Assistant Director : Miyakoshi Yoko
Stage Manager : Hojo Takashi
Artistic Director : Uyama Hitoshi
Produced by : New National Theatre, Tokyo

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Akiyama Natsuko, Takada Shouko, Tajima Reiko, Kawabe Kunihiro, Matsukado Yohei, Kubota Takeshi, Mihara Hidetoshi, Manaka Yukiko, Sakata Satoshi, Isobe Tsutomu, Kaneuchi Hisao, Danda Yasunori
Tomita Yasuko Kondo Yoshimasa Sugawara Eiji Minemura Rie
Tsutsumi Shinichi Akiyama Natsuko Takada Shouko Tajima Reiko

Tomita Yasuko Kondo Yoshimasa Sugawara Eiji Minemura Rie
Sakata Satoshi Isobe Tsutomu Kaneuchi Hisao Danda Yasunori

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Doors will open 30minutes before the opening of the performance.

  Available from Sunday 5 October, 2008 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm).
Internet ticket reservation available through the following Websites.(Japanese only)

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
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Price(yen) 7,350 5,250 3,150 1,500

Since Uyama Hitoshi became the Artistic Director of Plays, one of the four pillars that he raised was to “revive the epics”. And this season’s theme is “theatre” and the series will involve theatrical tales and fiction. As the third installment Corneille’s “L'Illusion Comique” was chosen, he is regarded as one of the foremost French dramatists of the 17th century along with Racine, the play will be directed by Uyama himself.

“L'Illusion Comique” is a revolutionary play that radically raised the status of comedies in society, as well as the status of theatrical plays themselves. In the open theatrical space of the Playhouse, NNTT actors Tsutsumi Shinichi, Danta Yasunori, and Akiyama Natsuko will be joined by Takada Seiko making her NNTT debut, as this great cast will make for a wonderful comedic performance.

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