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Modern Noh Plays“Aya no Tsudumi” “Yoroboshi”

2008/2009 SEASON PLAY

Modern Noh Plays“Aya no Tsudumi” “Yoroboshi”

The Pit

Written by : Mishima Yukio
Directed by : Maeda Shiro(Aya no Tsudumi)
Fukatsu Atsushi(Yoroboshi)
Set Designer : Ikeda Tomoyuki
Lighting Designer : Ogasawara Jun
Sound Designer : Ueda Kousei
Costume Designer : Handa Etsuko
Hairstyling and Make-up : Kusaka Hiroyuki
Assistant Director : Kawahata Hideki
Stage Manager : Mikami Tsukasa
Artistic Director : Uyama Hitoshi
Produced by : New National Theatre, Tokyo

“Aya no Tsudumi” : Watabiki Katsuhiko, Kunihiro Tomiyuki, Kanegae Ysuhiro, Takigawa Yumi, Okuda Youhei, Okano Manami, Uchida Akiko, Toake Yukiyo
“Yoroboshi” : Kimura Ryo, Kunihiro Tomiyuki, Tsuruta Shinobu, Hitotsuyanagi Miru, Takigawa Yumi, Toake Yukiyo
Tomita Yasuko Kondo Yoshimasa
Toake Yukiyo Takigawa Yumi

Tomita Yasuko Kondo Yoshimasa Sugawara Eiji
Kimura Ryo Kunihiro Tomiyuki Watabiki Katsuhiko

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Doors will open 30minutes before the opening of the performance.

  Available from Sunday 27 July, 2008 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm).
Internet ticket reservation available through the following Websites.(Japanese only)

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
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Price(yen) 5,250 3,150 1,500

The 2008/2009 season, the second for Uyama Artistic Director, for plays opens with Mishima Yukio’s “Modern Noh Plays”. In recent years, productions by Miwa Akihiro, David Leveaux, and Ninagawa Yukio have made this a topical piece, and this season “Aya no Tsudumi” and “Yoroboshi” will be performed out of the 8 works of the “Modern Noh Plays”. Young screenwriter and director Maeda Shiro and Fukatsu Shigefumi will challenge “Modern Noh Plays” with a clean slate, the latter director having earned critical acclaims in his NNTT debut directing Kishida Kunio’s “Doin Sowa”, which won him the excellent Director award in the Yomiuri Theater Awards, and he will be directing “Doin Sowa” again in February-March of 2008. “Aya no Tsudumi” and “Yoroboshi” will be performed successively, and many actors will be in both plays. A point of interest will be to see how the leading actress Toake Yukiyo will play the two completely different roles of Sakurama Shinako in “Yoroboshi” and Hanako in “Aya no Tsudumi”, and many other actors will also be faced with similar challenges. “Modern Noh Plays” by Mishima Yukio contains many themes, but one aspect that it has in common is his bold spirit and his respect for classic literature. Not only has Mishima Yukio successfully modernized Noh with this work, he is also credited for “creating 20th century literally masterpieces”.

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