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Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

2008/2009 Season Opera
[New Production]

Dmitry Shostakovich : Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

<Opera in 4 Acts>
<Sung in Russian with Japanese supertitles>


Conductor : Wakasugi Hiroshi
Production : Richard Jones
Scenery Design : John Macfarlane
Costume Design : Nicky Gillibrand
Lighting Design : Mimi Jordan Sherin

Boris Timofeyevich Ismailov : Valeri Alexejev
Zinovy Borisovich Ismailov : Uchiyama Shingo
Katerina Lvovna Ismailova : Stephanie Friede
Sergey : Viktor Lutsiuk
Chorus : New National Theatre Chorus
Orchestra : Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

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Fri Mon Thu Sun
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Doors will open 45 minutes before the opening of the performance.


Available from Saturday 17 January, 2009 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm).
Internet ticket reservation available through the following Websites.(Japanese only)

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
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Price(yen) 23,100 18,900 12,600 7,350 4,200 1,500
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Wakasugi Hiroshi chose this piece as the 20th century work for the 2008/2009 season. Boris Timofeyevich Ismailov is played by Valeri Alexejev who appears in important houses worldwide. Uchiyama Shingo, who is especially talented for modern pieces, is selected for Zinovy Borisovich Ismailov. Stephanie Friede, who shined with her ability to convey the drama in “La fanciulla del West” in 2007 will portrait the title role.


ACT I. 1860’s. At merchant Ismailov’s house. The father-in-law, Boris, is being acerbic to Katerina. Her husband Zinovy introduces Sergei, the new farm hand. Sergei and his comrades tease the servant, Aksinya, and she screams. Katerina confronts Sergei and they wrestle. Sergei sneaks into Katerina’s room later; she lightly scoffs at Boris’s voice outside, and then falls into bed with Sergei.

ACT II. In the yard. Boris, who pays amorous attention to his daughter-in-law, sees Sergei climbing out of Katerina’s window. Boris catches him and whips him. Katerina then poisons Boris’s food, and this kills him. Zinovy returns and questions his wife about his father’s death, and then he hits her. Together Katerina and Sergei kill Zinovy.

ACT III. Katerina marries Sergei. A peasant finds Zinovy’s body in the cellar and goes to the police. The police arrive during the wedding party and Katerina and Sergei are arrested.

ACT IV. A temporary convict camp near a bridge. Katerina manages a meeting with Sergei but he is busy seducing Sonyetka, another female convict. Sonyetka demands a pair of stockings, so Sergei tricks Katerina into giving him hers, whereupon he gives them to Sonyetka. Katerina, in despair, pushes Sonyetka into the river and jumps in herself. They are swept away and the convicts move on.

Wakasugi Hiroshi
Wakasugi Hiroshi

Valeri Alexejev Uchiyama Shingo Stephanie Friede Viktor Lutsiuk
(Boris Timofeyevich Ismailov)
Valeri Alexejev
(Zinovy Borisovich Ismailov)
Uchiyama Shingo
(Katerina Lvovna Ismailova)
Stephanie Friede
Viktor Lutsiuk

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