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New National Theatre, Tokyo <KIDS OPERA>


<Opera in 1 Act in Japanese language>
After the opera "Turandot"
by G. Puccini


Stage Photos

Arrangement & Conductor : Misawa Hirofumi
Libretto & Production : Taoshita Tetsu
Scenery Design : Masuda Sumiko
Costume Design : Hibino Kodue
Lighting Design : Yagi Maki
Sound Design : Watanabe Kunio
Chorus : Kids Opera Vocal Ensemble
Orchestra : Kids Opera Ensemble
Produced by : New National Theatre, Tokyo
Co-sponsored by : ASAHI SHIMBUN

King of Flora : Osawa Ken   Katayama Masashi
Princess Lavender : Nakamura Eri   Ozawa Yumiko
Tamtam : Naono Yoko   Kinoshita Shuko
Captain Leo : Ohara Keiro   Akitani Naoyuki
Queen Turandot : Takahashi Tomoko   Midori Chika
Pepe : Takahashi Jun   Ono Mitsuhiko
Ron : Maiya Takehiko   Izumi Ryohei
Cino : Mine Shigeki   Omori Kazuhide

28 29 30
Sat Sun Mon
11:30am X X X
3:00pm X X X
Doors will open 30 minutes before the opening of the performance.
Approximate running time: 1 hour

  Available from Sunday 3 June, 2007 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm).

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
All Seats Reserved: ¥ 2,100
* Kids Opera is a performance of opera mainly for elementary school students and accompanying adults.
* Please refrain from taking children aged less than four with you or allowing them to enter the theatre.
* Please buy one ticket per child.
* No discounts apply to these tickets.


handbill [Space Turandot]
Far beyond the galaxy, Queen of the iced planet Gelato “TURANDOT” is beautiful but her heart is so cold like ice and intolerant unless she is the most beautiful lady in whole universe. At a certain moment, she got to know Princess of planet Flora “LAVENDER” is considered more beautiful than her. Then, she ordered her men, PEPE, RON and CINO to kidnap her.

During Princess’s birthday party at her planet, these 3 gangsters appeared and tried to take her away. Her friends fought against them and her close friend TAMTAM called Captain LEO of Space Cadet. But, his spaceship crashed the planet by the special power of Queen and in the unguarded moment Princess was kidnapped.

The King of Flora, her father, asked Leo and Tamtam to bring her back. They repaired the ship and departed to Planet Gelato.

They overcame many difficulties, reached planet Gelato and finally found Princess. Leo and Lavender fell in love when they see each other. At the moment, suddenly Turandot interrupts and declares, “If you wanted to save her, you have to answer “3 enigmas” perfectly, otherwise you must die.”…

Let’s see how their fates are going!

<Conductor> <Production>
Misawa Hirofumi Taoshita Tetsu
Misawa Hirofumi Taoshita Tetsu

Osawa Ken Katayama Masashi Nakamura Eri Ozawa Yumiko
Osawa Ken
/King of Flora
Katayama Masashi
/King of Flora
Nakamura Eri
/Princess Lavender
Ozawa Yumiko
/Princess Lavender

Naono Yoko Kinoshita Shuko Ohara Keiro Akitani Naoyuki
Naono Yoko
Kinoshita Shuko
Ohara Keiro
/Captain Leo
Akitani Naoyuki
/Captain Leo

Takahashi Tomoko Midori Chika Takahashi Jun Ono Mitsuhiko
Takahashi Tomoko
/Queen Turandot
Midori Chika
/Queen Turandot
Takahashi Jun
Ono Mitsuhiko

Maiya Takehiko Izumi Ryohei Mine Shigeru Omori Kazuhide
Maiya Takehiko
Izumi Ryohei
Mine Shigeru
Omori Kazuhide

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