Ballet & Dance


2006/2007 Season Ballet


<Ballet in 3 Acts>


Choreography : Marius Petipa
Revised by : Maki Asami
Music by : Alexandr Glazunov
Conductor : Ormsby Wilkins
Scenery & Costumes : Luisa Spinatelli

Raymonda :

Terashima Hiromi (5)


Svetlana Zakharova <Season Special Guest, Bolshoi Theatre Ballet> (6,9)


Daria Pavlenko<Mariinsky Theatre Ballet> (7)*

  : Saito Miho (8)
Jean de Brienne :

Yamamoto Ryuji (5)


Danila Korsuntsev <Mariinsky Theatre Ballet> (6,7,9)*


Henmi Tomohiko (8)


and the artists of the New National Theatre Ballet, Tokyo

*Anastasiya Chernenko and Denys Matviyenko, who originally were to perform on 7th, and Andrey Uvarov, who originally is to perform on 6th and 9th, were unable to perform.

5 6 7 8 9
Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
2:00       X X
3:00     X    
6:30 X X      
Doors will open 45 minutes before the opening of the performance.
Approximate running time : 2 hours 50 minutes

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
  S A B C D Z
Price(yen) 9,450 7,350 5,250 4,200 3,150 1,500

An elegant and bravura staging you will see nowhere else
The eagerly awaited revival of widely acclaimed opener of the 2004/2005 season. Artistic director Maki Asami presents a revised production of this masterpiece, filled with famous scenes representing a compendium of classical Russian ballet as conceived by Petipa while at the same time possessing an appealingly exotic power. The complex tapestry of romance woven by the protagonists unfolds vividly in a staging with the illusionary charm of a fairy tale.


The setting is medieval France. Raymonda, a niece of a countess, is waiting for the return of her lover Jean de Brienne, who joined the Crusade. The Saracen knight Abderkrakhman is also fascinated by the beautiful noblewoman and attempts to abduct her, dueling with Jean who has just returned home. The victorious Jean is permitted by the countess to marry Raymonda, and the two lovers are united in a grand wedding ceremony.
Terashima Hiromi Svetlana Zakharova Anastasiya Chernenko Saito Miho
Terashima Hiromi Svetlana Zakharova Daria Pavlenko Saito Miho

Yamamoto Ryuji Denys Matviyenko Henmi Tomohiko
Yamamoto Ryuji Danila Korsuntsev Henmi Tomohiko


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