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2006/2007 Season Opera
[New Production]


<Opera in 3 Acts>
<Sung in Italian with Japanese Supertitles>


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Conductor : Ulf Schirmer
Production : Andreas Homoki
Scenery Design : Frank Philipp Schlössmann
Costume Design : Mechthild Seipel
Lighting Design : Tatsuta Yuji

Minnie : Stephanie Friede
Jack Rance : Lucio Gallo
Dick Johnson : Atilla B. Kiss
Nick : Ono Mitsuhiko
Ashby : Hasegawa Akira
Sonora : Izumi Ryohei
Trin : Akitani Naoyuki
Sid : Shimizu Hiroki
Bello : Narita Hiroyuki
Harry : Takano Jiro
Joe : Hayama Kosei
Happy : Omori Kazuhide
Larkens : Imao Shigeru
Billy Jackrabbit : Katayama Masashi
Wowkle : Miwa Yoko
Jake Wallace : Maiya Takehiko
José Castro : Okubo Makoto
Un postiglione : Otsuki Takashi
Chorus : New National Theatre Chorus
Orchestra : Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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Doors will open 45 minutes before the opening of the performance.

  To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm).
Internet ticket reservation available through the following Websites.(Japanese only)

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
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Price(yen) 21,000 15,750 10,500 6,300 3,150 1,500

A story of pure love between Minnie, a beautiful saloonkeeper, and the leader of a bandit gang in the frontier days of the American West. Like Madama Butterfly, it is based on a play by David Belasco. Its premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City was the greatest hit in the history of that institution. It was an ambitious work, using innovative harmonies and orchestration to drive a piece that, like musical comedies, placed a priority on keeping the story moving. The effective use of American folk songs and Native American melodies, famous scenes such as the suspenseful poker game in the second act, and the lyrical chorus at the finale all combine to make this a richly attractive work.


Minnie, proprietress of the Polka Saloon, is a popular bringer of comfort and cheer to the rough men of the frontier. Sheriff Rance woos but does not win her. Then a drifter named Johnson appears (really the bandit leader Ramerrez), and when his identity is revealed and he is wounded with a bullet, Minnie, who has fallen in love with him, attempts to hide him in her living quarters, but he is discovered and arrested. He is about to be hanged for his crimes when Minnie comes running to plead for his life. The men are won over by her sincerity, and they permit the couple to ride into the sunset together.
<Conductor> <Production>
Ulf Schirmer Andreas Homoki
Ulf Schirmer Andreas Homoki

Stephanie Friede Lucio Gallo Atilla B. Kiss
Stephanie Friede
(Jack Rance)
Lucio Gallo
(Dick Johnson)
Atilla B. Kiss

Ono Mitsuhiko Hasegawa Akira Izumi Ryohei Akitani Naoyuki Shimizu Hiroki
Ono Mitsuhiko
Hasegawa Akira
Izumi Ryohei
Akitani Naoyuki
Shimizu Hiroki

Narita Hiroyuki Takano Jiro Hayama Kosei Imao Shigeru
Narita Hiroyuki
Takano Jiro
Hayama Kosei
Imao Shigeru

Katayama Masashi Miwa Yoko Maiya Takehiko Okubo Makoto Otsuki Takashi
(Billy Jackrabbit)
Katayama Masashi
Miwa Yoko
(Jake Wallace)
Maiya Takehiko
(José Castro)
Okubo Makoto
(Un postiglione)
Otsuki Takashi

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