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2006/2007 Season Opera

Ludwig van Beethoven : FIDELIO

<Opera in 2 Acts>
<Sung in German with Japanese Supertitles>


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Conductor : Cornelius Meister
Production and Scenery Design : Marco Arturo Marelli
Costume Design : Dagmar Niefind-Marelli
Lighting Design : Isono Mutsumi

Don Fernando : Oshima Ikuo
Don Pizarro : Hartmut Welker
Florestan : Stephen Gould
Leonore : Eva Johansson
Rocco : Hasegawa Akira
Marzelline : Nakamura Eri
Jaquino : Higuchi Tatsuya
Erster Gefangener : Mizuguchi Satoshi
Zweiter Gefangener : Osawa Ken
Chorus : New National Theatre Chorus
Orchestra : Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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Thu Sun Wed Sat
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Doors will open 45 minutes before the opening of the performance.
Approximate running time : 2 hours 30 minutes

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
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Price(yen) 21,000 15,750 10,500 6,300 3,150 1,500

Beethoven's only opera. A representative example of the "salvation dramas" popular in the opera world under the influence of the French Revolution, it is a powerful work this titan of music devoted himself to body and soul. It is a masterpiece, in which the music speaks eloquently of Beethoven's cherished ideals-justice, virtue, love, and liberty. The arias, part-singing, and grand choruses, as well as the orchestral finale resembling a symphony, overwhelm the listener with their reverent and deeply emotional music. This production has also won acclaim for its sets, which serve as a visual and architectonic complement to the music, and for the skillfully designed lighting effects.


Don Pizarro, the governor of the prison, has unjustly imprisoned Florestan, his political enemy. In order to rescue Florestan, his wife Leonore disguises herself as a boy and names herself Fidelio, and she waits for a chance to rescue him while working as an assistant to the jailer Rocco. One day, the King's justice minister comes to the prison for inspection. Fearing that his own wrongdoing may be revealed, Pizzaro decides to execute Florestan immediately. When the preparations have been made, Pizzaro appears and tries to stab Florestan, Leonore reveals herself and protects her husband at the risk of her own life. The inspecting minister then arrives. He praises Leonore's courageous act and arrests Pizzaro. Released from imprisonment, Florestan, together with his wife and other people, sings in praise of God's fair judgment and the power of love.
<Conductor> <Production>
Cornelius Meister Marco Arturo Marelli
Cornelius Meister Marco Arturo Marelli

Oshima Ikuo Hartmut Welker Stephen Gould Eva Johansson
(Don Fernando)
Oshima Ikuo
(Don Pizarro)
Hartmut Welker
Stephen Gould
Eva Johansson

Hasegawa Akira Nakamura Eri Higuchi Tatsuya Mizuguchi Satoshi Osawa Ken
Hasegawa Akira
(Marzelline )
Nakamura Eri
Higuchi Tatsuya
(Erster Gefangener)
Mizuguchi Satoshi
(Zweiter Gefangener)
Osawa Ken

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