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2006/2007 Season Opera
[New Production]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : IDOMENEO

<Opera in 3 Acts>
<Sung in Italian with Japanese Supertitles>


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Conductor : Dan Ettinger
Production : Grischa Asagaroff
Scenery and Costume Design : Luigi Perego
Lighting Design : Tatsuta Yuji

Idomeneo : John Treleaven
Idamante : Fujimura Mihoko
Ilia : Nakamura Eri
Elettra : Emily Magee
Arbace : Idane Yasuhiko
Gran Sacerdote : Mizuguchi Satoshi
La Voce : Mine Shigeki
Chorus : New National Theatre Chorus
Orchestra : Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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Doors will open 45 minutes before the opening of the performance.

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
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Price(yen) 21,000 15,750 10,500 6,300 3,150 1,500

Mozartís masterwork of opera seria (tragedies based on classical myths and heroes). Making extensive use of the chorus to depict the sufferings of the common people, and introducing a corps de ballet in the manner of French opera, it was a major success when it premiered. Appropriately, as it was commissioned by the Elector of Bavaria, who possessed the finest court music ensemble of the day, Mozart displays his genius not only in the splendid arias but in his flawless orchestration, at once refined and bold.


Idomeneo, King of Crete, returning in triumph from the Trojan War, encounters a storm en route and is shipwrecked, but saved by Neptune, god of the sea. In return, Idomeneo pledges to offer the first person he encounters on shore as a human sacrifice to the godóbut the first person he meets happens to be his son Idamante. A retainer advises Idomeneo to send Idamante, who is in love with Ilia, the captive Queen of Troy, to accompany Elettra, daughter of the king of Argos, back to her homeland. Meanwhile, Ilia learns of the terrible fate awaiting her lover and volunteers to be sacrificed in his stead. Suddenly, the voice of Neptune is heard, and at his bidding Idamante becomes king, Ilia his queen, and the people rejoice in their marriage.
<Conductor> <Production>
Dan Ettinger Grischa Asagaroff
Dan Ettinger Grischa Asagaroff

John Treleaven Fujimura Mihoko Nakamura Eri Emily Magee
John Treleaven
Fujimura Mihoko
Nakamura Eri
Emily Magee

Idane Yasuhiko Mizuguchi Satoshi Mine Shigeki
Idane Yasuhiko

(Gran Sacerdote)
Mizuguchi Satoshi

(La Voce)
Mine Shigeki

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