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2006/2007 Season Opera
[New Production]

Giuseppe Verdi : DON CARLO

<Opera in 4 Acts>
<Sung in Italian with Japanese Supertitles>


Conductor : Miguel Gomez-Martinez
Production and Scenery Design : Marco Arturo Marelli
Costume Design : Dagmar Niefind-Marelli
Lighting Design : Yagi Maki

Filippo II : Vitalij Kowaljow
Don Carlo : Miroslav Dvorsky
Rodrigo : Martin Gantner*
Elisabetta di Valois : Omura Hiromi
La Principessa d'Eboli : Malgorzata Walewska
Il Grande Inquisitore : Tsumaya Hidekazu
Un frate : Hasegawa Akira
Tebaldo : Seto Yuko
Il Conte di Lerma /Un araldo reale : Higuchi Tatsuya
Una voce dal cielo : Koda Hiroko
Chorus : New National Theatre Chorus
Orchestra : Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

* Rudolf Rosen, who originally was to perform the role of Rodrigo is unable to perform. Alternatively, Martin Gantner is going to take his place. Please refer to New National Theatre News.

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Thu Sun Wed Sat Mon Thu
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Doors will open 45 minutes before the opening of the performance.

TICKET PRICES (with tax)
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Price(yen) 21,000 15,750 10,500 6,300 3,150 1,500

A masterpiece of Verdi's maturity, outstanding among his oeuvre for the richness of the human drama it unfolds. Revolving around the suffering of a young prince when the woman he loves is given in marriage to his father, the King of Spain, this is a grand historical drama depicting political, religious, and filial conflict, love, jealousy, and friendship through the complex interactions of its characters and a stately and dignified score. As it was commissioned by the Paris Opera, the original version was in French, but the New National Theatre will present the revised version (the four-act Italian version premiered at La Scala in Milan), which has become the standard in the world of modern opera.


Elisabetta, fiancée of Don Carlo, heir to the Spanish throne, is instead joined in a political marriage to Don Carlo's father, Filippo II. The heartbroken Don Carlo is persuaded by his friend Rodrigo to take up the cause of independence for the people of Flanders suffering under Spanish tyranny, but is thrown in prison as a traitor. La Principessa d'Eboli, who is also in love with Don Carlo and thus harbors violent jealousy for Elisabetta, betrays Elisabetta to the King. Meanwhile, Don Carlo is freed, but must still bid farewell forever to Elisabetta. As he is doing so, the King discovers the couple and orders their arrest, but before this can happen, the ghost of Carlo V appears and draws Don Carlo with him into the tomb.
<Conductor> <Production>
Miguel Gomez-Martinez Marco Arturo Marelli
Miguel Gomez-Martinez Marco Arturo Marelli

Vitalij Kowaljow Miroslav Dvorsky Martin Gantner
(Filippo II)
Vitalij Kowaljow
(Don Carlo)
Miroslav Dvorsky
Martin Gantner

Omura Hiromi Malgorzata Walewska Tsumaya Hidekazu
(Elisabetta di Valois)
Omura Hiromi

(La Principessa d'Eboli)
Malgorzata Walewska

(Il Grande Inquisitore)
Tsumaya Hidekazu

Hasegawa Akira Seto Yuko Higuchi Tatsuya Koda Hiroko

(Un frate)
Hasegawa Akira

Seto Yuko
(Il Conte di Lerma /
Un araldo reale)
Higuchi Tatsuya
(Una voce dal cielo)
Koda Hiroko

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