Ballet & Dance

DNACE_EXHIBITION_2004 Kirin_Brewery_Co.,Ltd.
Contemporary Dance: Dance Planet No. 15

Artistic Director : Maki Asami
Production Director : Miki Yoko
Lighting Design : Sugiura Hiroyuki
Sound Design : Kawada Yasuo
Stage Manager : Shibasaki Dai
Presenter : New National Theatre, Tokyo
Sponsor : Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

Program A

Leigh Warren & Dancers
Director & Choreographer:
Leigh Warren
Piano: Simon Tedeschi

Whale Singing to the Moon
Kawano Mako
General Director:
Nakamura Shinji
Choreographer: Kawano Mako

Eat Before it Gets Cold
Uchida Kaoru & Roussewaltz
Director & Choreographer:
Uchida Kaoru

Program B

~The Flowering Season~

Asano Tsukasa & Perfect Modern
Writer & Choreographer:
Asano Tsukasa
Director: Konno Yuichi

Moriyama Kaiji
Director & Choreographer:
Moriyama Kaiji
Special Performance:
Tsumura Reijiro

Leigh Warren & Dancers
Director & choreographer:
Leigh Warren
Percussion: Pablo Percusso

Leigh Warren

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The theatre opens 45 minutes before the curtain rises.
Approximate running time: 2 hours, 15 minutes with 2 intermissions

Tickets available from 10:00a.m., Wednesday, August 11, 2004
New National Theatre Tokyo Box Office: 03-5352-9999

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Price ¥ 5,250 ¥ 3,150

DANCE_EXHIBITION_2004 What's Your Dance Type: A, B or A & B?

DANCE EXHIBITION is back again in response to popular demand! From the rapidly evolving dance scene, we have selected a few dancers to introduce that let free a striking individuality. This is a must-see program that will give you a panoramic view of dance today and in the future. Once again, we present a dramatic selection of works, including an overseas dance company.

Kawano Mako
While studying modern dance under Ikeda Mizuomi and Wada Toshiko, Kawano Maki's classic ballet training was with Suzuki Emiko. She joined the Natural Dance Theatre, a company led by Nakamura Shinji, and performed in "Alice" and "Pinocchio" (directed and choreographed by Shinji) at the New National Theatre, Tokyo. In 1990, Kawano received the New Dancer's Award and the Best Dancer Prize from the Contemporary Dance Association of Japan, as well as the Encouragement Award from the Matsuyama Ballet Company. She has collaborated with writers from New York, Canada and China, and in 2002 danced solo in "My Boyfriend" for the Japan Society of New York. From there, she performed solo in dance festivals in Germany and Holland. In 2003, Kawano was invited to perform in Denmark.

[Whale Singing to the Moon]

photo:Tsukada Yoichi

Uchida Kaoru
Trained under Kanai Fumie and Okubo Sonoko, Uchida Kaoru was awarded 1st place at the Akita National Dance Competition in 1991, the Kobe National Western Dance Competition in 1993 and in modern dance at the National Dance Competition in 1995, as well as being awarded by Japan's Ministry of Education. And this is just the start of her list of accomplishments. In 1996, she was given the New Dancer's Award from the Contemporary Dance Association, and the Muramatsu Award. Uchida received the Encouragement Award from the Contemporary Dance Association and the Award for New Talent from the Dance Critics Society of Japan in 1997. She was then sent to Paris in 2001 as an intern for the Cultural Affairs Agency. After returning to Japan, she established the dance company Roussewaltz, creating her own works while performing both domestically and internationally, with numerous guest appearances. Uchida has won recognition for her sharp technique and expressiveness.

[Eat Before it Gets Cold]

photo:MIKA. M

Asano Tsukasa
Having studied under Ishii Midori and Orita Katsuko, Asano Tsukasa has been the principle dancer in numerous productions. In 1997, she started her own company, Perfect Modern. In the same year she won second place for "Original Creation" in the National Dance Competition and Third Prize at the Saitama International Creative Dance Competition. In 2001, she added to her extensive list of awards with the Work of Excellence Award in the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center's choreography competition. Since her company's presentation of "Nirvana" in 1997, she has organized yearly performances: "Out from the Blue," "Dan le Rouge," "White Fish," "Lotus," and "Deep Waters."

[Lotus~The Flowering Season~]

photo:Awane Osamu

Moriyama Kaiji
Here is a performer who has captured attention both inside and outside of Japan as an expressionist who will lead the next generation of dancers with an unconventional and unique style of representation and a rare presence. Known for his experimental solos, Moriyama Kaiji has presented his outstanding work "Lamazuella" in five Asian countries. His dance adaptation of the Noh drama "Yoroboshi" was performed with Tsumura Reijiro, designated as an important intangible cultural asset of Noh. Moriyama has crossed over genres with his energetic work in TVCF's "Gatsby," NHK's "Karada de Asobo," and the movie "The Taste of Tea."


photo:Morita Toshiro

Leigh Warren
Winner of numerous awards, Leigh Warren is the choreographer and artistic director of the Australian dance company, Leigh Warren & Dancers. He has performed with the Australian Ballet, Ballet Rambert, Nureyev and Friends and the Nederlands Dans Theater. Besides dancing to works of Glen Tetley, Christopher Bruce, and Jiri Kylian, he has also choreographed his own works. After starting his company in 1993, Warren created more original pieces, collaborating with William Forsythe, and Australian film writers and musicians. In 2002, he directed his first opera, "Akhnaten," a composition by Philip Glass.

Put to Scriabin, this piece is an ever-changing dance, making the performers seem as if they are under a spell. Seen as autobiographical, Leigh Warren has created a chain of non-stop motion with spiritual impact.

Small waves of sound gather to create giant swells, and, as if being lifted by the rhythm, the dance increases in intensity. As is appropriate for bringing the program to a conclusion, the stage is flooded with a festival-like feeling of elation.

photo:Alex Makeyev