Ballet & Dance

2004. 8
New National Theatre, Tokyo <KIDS OPERA>

Opera in 1 Act in Japanese language
After the music drama "Der Ring des Nibelungen"
by Richard Wagner

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Arrangement & Conductor

Misawa Hirofumi

Libretto & Production

Matthias von Stegmann
Scenery Design Horio Yukio

Costume Design

Hibino Kozue
Lighting Design Isono Mutsumi
Stage Manager Murata Kensuke


Kids Opera Ensemble
(Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Member)
Co-sponsored by ASAHI SHIMBUN

Supported by

Boards of education of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Setagaya Wards

Special Cooperation

Keio Railway, Ltd.
Cooperation Seihoku-Syuppan
Shiseido Co., Ltd.
McDonald's Co., Ltd.
Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd.


Brünnhilde Hirai Kaori Takahashi Tomoko
Siegfried Idane Yasuhiko Akitani Naoyuki
Wotan Izumi Ryohei Maiya Takehiko
Waldvogel Kushima Kanae Naono Yoko
Fafner Shimamura Takeo Mine Shigeki
Die drei Rheintöchter /
Drei Walküren
Moroi Sachiyo
Maeda Yuka
Shimizu Kasumi
Gamou Yumiko
Masuda Yumi
Sasaki Masako

August 2004
Friday 6
Saturday 7
Sunday 8
Doors will open 30 minutes before the opening of performance.
Approximate running time : 1 hour

Booking Opens for Fmilies and Children=Wednesday 5 May, 2004 at 10:00 am.
* Tickets are for families and groups of children.
Tickets will be checked at the gate of the theatre.

If seats are available after ticket sales for families and groups of children have finished, they will be offered to the general public.
Booking Opens for Adults=Saturday 10 July, 2004 at 10:00 am

To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999(10:00am.-6:00pm.).
Internet ticket reservation available through the following Website.(Japanease only)


All Seats Reserved: ¥ 2,100
- Kids Opera is a performance of opera for elementary and junior high school students and accompanying adults. However, siblings aged four or older may also accompany the students. Please refrain from taking children aged less than four with you or allowing them to enter the theatre.
- Please buy one ticket per child.
- Tickets may not be available for certain days of performance.
- No discounts apply to these tickets.
- Admission is not permitted after the performance starts.
- Performers and production staff are subject to change due to unavoidable reasons.

GET BACK THE RINGThe gold ring glittering in the Rhine has magical power…
A fantasy opera of love and adventures over the mysterious ring

The Valkyries, informed by the sound of a siren that Fafner is in battle, rush to the site of fighting. Brünnhilde faces Fafner with Nothung, her father Wotan’s sword, but the sword is broken. Wotan then appears and drives away Fafner. Infuriated at the sight of the sword that has been broken into two pieces, however, he sentences Brünnhilde to a long sleep as punishment. Nothung is a sacred sword that shows its power only in the hands of a dauntless hero. Siegfried, who is traveling aimlessly, is shown a picture of a sleeping girl by Waldvogel and soon falls in love with her. He makes up his mind to wake her up. And together with a small bird, he heads for the Rhine to obtain the mysterious ring that is possessed by the Rhinemaidens with the aim of dedicating it to the girl. The ring has been stolen by Fafner, however. Wotan appears in front of the disheartened Siegfried. The ruler of the gods regrets that he has inflicted too harsh a penalty on his daughter. The bird introduces the two to each other. Wotan recognizes immediately that Siegfried is no ordinary young man, and handing the fragments of his sword to Siegfried, he secretly expects something…

Daughter of Wotan and one of the female warrior Valkyries
She provokes her father’s wrath and is put to sleep. Her figure is painted as a sleeping girl.

Brave young man
He wanders through various countries in search for that which he lacks. Discovered by Wotan, he tempers Nothung again and goes on a journey of adventure.

Father of Brünnhilde, he has profound intelligence. He sentences his daughter, who has broken a promise, to sleep and entrusts her to the future hero, Siegfried.

Mysterious creature that tells Siegfried of the story of the ring and entices him to adventure.

Coarse, wicked giant. He takes the ring by force and uses a Tarnhelm, a magic hood, to turn himself into a huge dragon in order to guard the ring.

Die drei Rheintöchter
Water nymphs living in the river Rhine

Drei Walküren
Warrior daughters of Wotan, the Valkyries are at the beck and call of Wotan.

The Adventures of Siegfried is a one-act opera based on the story of Siegfried, the hero who appears in Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) by the German composer Richard Wagner. Opera is a drama in which the story is expressed in music, consisting mainly of songs sung by the characters.
The story is a fantasy of mystery and adventure based on the ring legend, which comes to us through European tradition.
Beautiful and magnificent music, live performance by an orchestra, overwhelming power of singers who sing without microphones, impassioned acting in front of the audience, effects of stage settings that unfold one after another---all these combine to lead to the moving denouement of the story in which love is extolled. An operatic version of the story of the ring is full of highlights. The New National Theatre, Tokyo, Japan’s first opera house, will devote all its energies to delivering a work of adventure filled with operatic charm. The NNTT hopes that together with their families and friends, interested elementary and junior high school students will enjoy their first opera experience as part of the audience of the theatre during the summer vacation this year.

Arts Shower 2004
---Summer Festival of the Tokyo Opera City---

The Arts Shower 2004 offers plenty of art, including music, dance, pantomime and art exhibits, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Why not visit Opera City during summer vacation?
(Kids Opera by the NNTT is part of the Arts Shower 2004.)