Ballet & Dance

Mixed Program

Artistic Director : Asami Maki
Conductor : Watanabe Kazumasa (Symphony in C / Lilac Garden)
: Ohno Michiko (Les Sylphides)
Solo Violin : Gleb Nikitin (Lilac Garden)
Orchestra : The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (Symphony in C / Lilac Garden)
Lighting : Isono Mutsumi
Sound Designer : Watanabe Kunio
Stage Manager : Morioka Hajime
Presented by : New National Theatre, Tokyo
Nishijima Kazuhiro from Star Dancers Ballet, who is listed as guest dancer in the "Symphony in C", will not be able to stage due to physical condition. Also for other acts, we may have some cast change that may occur prior to performances.
We will make announcements for the final casting at the each performance day. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

March, 2002 Sat.16
Program A
Program A
Program B
Program B
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The theatre opens 60 minutes before the curtain rises.

Available from Sunday 16 December, 2001 at 10:00 am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm).
Internet ticket reservation available through the following Websites.(Japanese only)

Type Seat S Seat A Seat B
Price ¥8,400 ¥6,300 ¥3,150
Seat Z(¥1,500) is sold only on the performance day at the Box Office and exclusive Ticket Pia Offices.
Special Discount Set Tickets (For Program A and B)
SEAT S - ¥15,000
SEAT A - ¥11,500
Only available at the Box office
Family discount is inapplicable to this service.

So Beautiful Is Ballet. Magnificent Collection of Ballet That Goes Deeply into Your Heart

With the forthcoming production, "Mixed Program", the New National Theatre, Tokyo (NNTT) will present a wide variety of ballet that surely appeals to the audience. Those prominent choreographers' masterpieces have been handed from the 20th century down to the present day, and will certainly be handed to the future.
NNTT has taken up works by Michel M. Fokine, considered to be the father of modern ballet; George Balanchine, who created a new form called"abstract ballet"; and Antony Tudor, who explored new psychological avenues in dance, thus establishing a new genre of"psychological ballet."
Newly added to the NNTT's repertoire in the forthcoming program are a work by Rudi van Dantzig, who served as artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet for a long time and is reputed for probing psychological and delicate approach, and that by Nacho Duato, a Spanish choreographer who attracts the world' attention as today's lion of contemporary ballet.
Based on the theme"a play with death, which is frequently glimpsed through one's life ", this 1971 premiered Four Last Songs choreographed by Rudi van Dantzig depicts "a message dedicated to one's life and death". This ballet, which was inspired by Richard Strauss's songs composed in his last days, is filled with eternal tenderness in humanity.
In Duende, with Debussy's profound music, Duato thoroughly expresses duende's magical powers, - a spirit believed to live quietly in the darkness in his home country. Premiered in 1991, this work gives the viewers a sensation in their soul to be uplifted, - the sensation likened to that of flamenco.
In addition, the Mixed Program includes Symphony in C, the second of Balanchine's work in the NNTT's repertoire. All of these five works featured in the program are magnificent productions choreographed to elegant and magnificent Romantic and Impressionist music. Both Program A and B offer a combination of captivating ballet works. With the New National Theatre Ballet, Tokyo, the NNTT wishes that this whole program would bring you all the sense and time of relaxation.

Program A - Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 Program B - Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20

Les Sylphides
Choreography : Michael M. Fokine
Music : Frederic Chopin
Staging : Merle Park
Scenery : Vyatcheslav Okunev
Poet : Maxim Belotserkovsky
Sylphide :Amanda Mckerrow
  Nakamura Mika
  Nishiyama Yuko
Symphony in C
Choreography : George Balanchine
Music : Georges Bizet
Staging : Patricia Neary
Costumes : Ohi Masako
Miyauchi Mariko   Shiga Misae
Sakai Hana   Nishikawa Takako
Nishijima Kazuhiro   Okuda Shinya
Yamamoto Ryuji   Chen Xiujie

Four Last Songs (Vier Letzte Lieder)
Choreography : Rudi van Dantzig
Staging : Sonja Marchiolli
Music : Richard Strauss
Designs : Toer van Schayk
    To be announced...
Lilac Garden (Jardin aux Lilas)
Choreography : Antony Tudor
Music : Ernest Chausson
Staging : Donald Mahler
Designs : Peter Cazalet
Caroline : Amanda Mckerrow
Her lover : Maxim Belotserkovsky
The man
she must marry
: Guennadi Iline
The woman
from his past
: Yukawa Mamiko

For Both Program A and B
Choreography : Nacho Duato
Music : Claude Debussy
Staging : Tony Fabre / Kim MacCarthy
Scenery : Walter Nobbe
Costumes : Susan Unger
Lighting Design : Nicolas Fischtel
Sakai Hana   Takayama Yu   Takahashi Ari   Takabe Hisako
Endo Mutsuko   Nishiyama Yuko   Yukawa Mamiko   Ilgiz Galimullin
Okuda Shinya   Shiraishi Takayuki   Chen Xiujie   Yamamoto Ryuji
Yoshimoto Yasuhisa            

New National Theatre Ballet, Tokyo