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Opera in 3 Acts (Sung in Italian with Japanese Supertitles)

Libretto by : Antonio Somma
Music by : Giuseppe Verdi
Artistic Director
: Kiyoshi Igarashi
Conductor : Yoshinori Kikuchi
Stage Director : Alberto Fassini
Set and Costume Designer : Pasquale Grossi
Lighting Designer : Yasuo Okuhata
Chorus Master : Mitsugi Oikawa
Choreographer : Marta Ferri
Stage Manager : Takahiro Sugahara
Assistant Stage Directors : Joseph Lee / Jun Aguni / Yasuko Sawada
Assistant Conductors : Masahiro Ozaki / Keiji Sudo / Katsuhiko Abe
Chorus : New National Theatre Chorus / Fujiwara Opera Chorus Group
Orchestra : Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Presented by : New National Theatre, Tokyo

May 2001

Sunday 13

Tuesday 15 Thursday 17 Saturday 19 Sunday 20
Amelia Norma Fantini X X X   X
Yoshimi Tatsuno       X  
Riccardo Franco Farina X X X   X
Taro Ichihara       X  
Renato Paolo Gavanelli X X X   X
Yasuo Horiuchi       X  
Ulrica Nina Terentieva X X X   X
Misato Iwamori       X  
Oscar Mina Tasca-Yamazaki X   X   X
Akie Amou   X   X  
Silvano Yuichi Toyoshima X   X   X
Kazuhiro Yatabe   X   X  
Samuel Masumi Kubota X   X   X
Tatsuya Tajima   X   X  
Tom Kang-Liang Peng X   X   X
Akira Hasegawa   X   X  
Un Giudice Ikuo Oho X   X   X
Seiji Ishikawa   X   X  
Un servo d'Amelia Seiji Ishikawa X   X   X
Ikuo Oho   X   X  
Aderenti Yasuyoshi Ota
Nobumi Kakinuma
Yoshiyuki Shikano
Shigeru Hatakeyama

May 2001

Sunday 13

Tuesday 15 Thursday 17 Saturday 19 Sunday 20
3:00pm X     X X
6:30pm   X X    
Doors will open 60 minutes before the opening of the performance.
Small lectures on this opera will be presented 45 minutes before the curtain time.

Available from Sunday 21 January, 2001 at 10:00am.
To order tickets, please call +81-3-5352-9999 (10:00am-6:00pm).
Internet ticket reservation available through the following Websites.(Japanese only)

Type Seat S Seat A Seat B Seat C Seat D Seat E
Price ¥18,900 ¥15,750 ¥12,600 ¥9,450 ¥6,300 ¥3,150
Seat Z(¥1,500) is sold only on the performance day at the Box Office and a part of Ticket Pia Offices.

UN_BALLO_IN_MASCHERAThe Dazzling Performance of Un Ballo in Maschera, Which Adorned the Opening of the 1999/2000 Season, Will Return to the New National Theatre, Tokyo.

As the third in a series of works for the Verdi Year, the New National Theatre Tokyo (NNTT) is pleased to present Un Ballo in Maschera (A Masked Ball), a masterpiece of Giuseppe Verdi's middle period. Un Ballo in Maschera is an opera with a history. When this opera was completed, the plot in which the Swedish King Gustav III is assassinated by his faithful secretary at a masked ball coincided in the real world with an unsuccessful attempt on the life of Napoleon III, with the result that the opera failed to pass censorship. After many turns and twists, including changing the setting to Boston and replacing the Swedish monarch with the English Governor Riccardo, the opera was finally premiered in Rome two years later, in 1859. Recently, an increasing number of productions based on the original version with the Swedish setting have been presented. In September 1999, the NNTT gave the first public performance of the Boston version under the stage direction of Alberto Fassini and this performance won the highest praise. An illicit love between the Governor, who is respected and loved by the people, and Amelia, wife of the Governor's secretary who is faithful to the Governor; the feelings of vengeance of a husband betrayed by his wife; a conspiracy against the life of the Governor; and death prophesied by a fortune-teller... This is a gem of Verdi's operatic works in which people's conflicting emotions are superbly expressed.

Seventeenth-century Boston, a British colonial city. Amidst the voices of people praising Governor Riccardo, a conspiracy against his life is being formed. Riccardo is secretly pleased to find the name of his beloved, Amelia, in the list of guests invited to a ball. But she is the wife of Renato, his faithful secretary. Interested in stories told by Ulrica, a female fortune-teller who is popular among the people, Riccardo visits her house in disguise. She predicts that Riccardo will be killed by the first person to shake hands with him on that day. Troubled by Ulrica's prophecy, Riccardo tries not to shake hands with anybody. Then Renato arrives late and not knowing anything about the prophecy, he shakes hands with Riccardo. Meanwhile, Amelia seeks Ulrica for advice on how to alleviate the agony of a guilty love and is told to go to a gallows outside the city at midnight by herself and gather a magic herb near the gallows. When Amelia is shivering with fear in the darkness nearby the gallows, Renato appears and both are enraptured with the torments of an illicit love. Then Renato appears to warn Riccardo that a group of murderers are on the Governor's track. After changing his cloak with Renato's, Riccardo leaves the veiled Amelia with Renato but Renato finds himself in danger. Amelia makes up her mind to defend her husband and stands in front of the assassins. Renato finds out that it was his wife, Amelia, who was secretly meeting Riccardo. Loyalty gives way to an intense emotion of revenge, and the doomed masquerade opens...