Ballet & Dance

Series “Where Are We Going?” (4)

Tokyo Trial Series; Part3

Written by: Inoue Hisashi
Inoue Hisashi

Directed by: Kuriyama Tamiya

Kadono Takuzo, Takahashi Katsumi, Fukumoto Shinichi, Ishida Keisuke, Inuzuka Hiroshi,
Mita Kazuyo, Fujitani Miki, Kumagai Mami, Kimura Midoriko

June-July 2006

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Price 5,250 3,150

The trilogy of the Tokyo Trial, which won high praise when its first two parts were performed, will finally be completed with this production.The third part, which incorporates much music and depicts the Tokyo Trial from the perspective of ordinary people, offering a sad yet interesting story, must not be missed by those who saw the performance of the preceding two parts, nor in fact by those who missed them.Performed in 2001, Yume no Sakemeportrayed the confusion of a picture-card storyteller who was obliged to take the witness stand.Yume no Namida, staged in 2003, focused on a lawyer, who was involved in the trial of class-A war criminals as an assistant counsel, and his wife.In Part 3, the audience will not know if the setting will finally be Sugamo Prison, until the drama actually starts.The same production staff and cast of actors and actresses as for the previous two parts will gather to work together in harmony, to an even greater degree than before.The latest work by Inoue Hisashi, who offers serious subjects in a delightful style, will adorn the last of the series “Where Are We Going?”