Ballet & Dance

The Glass Menagerie

Written by: Tennessee Williams
Translated by: Odashima Yushi
Directed by: Irina Brook

Kiuchi Midori, Nakajima Tomoko, Kiba Katsumi etc.

February 2006

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Irina Brook, a fresh face who has won the highest praise in various European countries, will be invited as the director for a well-prepared collaboration with Japanese actors and actresses.This attractive production could be described as an extension of the “Works Invited from Overseas” Series.Tennessee Williams (1911-1983), the great playwright who dominated modern theater in the United States, made his Broadway debut with this delicate, lyrical work.It consists of recollections by Tom, who seems to reflect the author himself, portraying his life and that of his family.His extremely shy sister Laura continues to escape from reality, his mother Amanda wishes for fleeting happiness as she lives a poverty-stricken life and Tom lives meagerly facing miserable reality.A visit by Jim, Tom’s friend, temporarily warms the heart of Laura, which is vulnerable like the glass animals she collects, but…