Ballet & Dance

Series “Where Are We Going?” (3)

Yawarakai Fuku o Kite

Written and Directed by: Nagai Ai
Nagai Ai

May-June 2006

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The dramatist Nagai Ai continues to attract public attention for her ability to produce solid dramatic effects through humorous daily conversations.For the series “The Age and Memory,” she wrote Konnichiwa Kasan (Hello Mother), first performed in 2001 and staged again in 2004, which enjoyed much popularity, and for this year’s series, she offers a new, exciting work.Apathy, irresponsibility, and indifference---there is no end to the list of words used to criticize Japanese youths today, and it seems that these words have become a synonym for people who lack courage.But Nagai asks whether that is the case with Japanese youths today and whether there are any passionate youths who spare no effort in their lives.Starting with these questions, she depicts contemporary Japan and envisages future Japan in her own way.Scenes of young people who provide a harbinger of a bright future develop while spreading good cheer and drawing tears from the audience.